Inauguration of IM3D: Advancing Healthcare with 3D Printing and Surgical Innovation

2023-11-29 19:21:15

“We inaugurated our Institute of 3D Medicine (IM3D), which will make cutting-edge technology more accessible to patients and the medical community.” This is how the Austral Hospital announced the incorporation of this new space that, among other possibilities, allows the creation of 3D models of specific anatomy of people, which help with surgical planning and the training of doctors, in addition to helping patients have a greater understanding of the procedures.

This IM3D is the only one of its style in the country and throughout Latin America, and metal implants are also designed and printed to suit people.

Regarding the initiative, its coordinator, Dr. Marcos Galli Serra, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, explained: “3D printing offers the possibility of reconstructing structures that could not be reconstructed before, especially in patients of extreme ages -for for example, children-, or in anatomical regions where prostheses are not usually used, such as the knee or hip.”

He also added: “This technology also allows us to use bench grafts, that is, bone transplants, in a much more precise way for reconstructions of specific segments in the joint, thanks to virtual planning.”

Finally, he stated: “In our case study, this system has shown that we can reduce the risk of tumor relapse by 42 percent, especially in cancer patients with very large tumors that deform or destroy the bone. In addition to reducing the relapse rate of the disease, it reduces the time of surgery, hospitalization and the rate of complications.”

It is worth noting that the founding of IM3D is the culmination of a process that began in 2016, when an initial unit was created at the Austral Hospital that evolved into this valuable institute. In these years of innovation and dedication, the institution worked with 3D planning in 98 cases, with a total of 22 3D implants and 76 tailor-made plastic biomodels for the patient using 3D printing, mostly associated with the design of specific elements for the patient and assistance in his surgery.

In addition, to this we must add three cases of chest surgery, two cases of pediatric cardiovascular surgery and one case of reconstructive head and neck surgery.

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