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Increases pressure on Johnson after learning of new parties in Downing Street in full quarantine | International

Members of the Government of Boris Johnson participated last April in two parties in Downing Street, headquarters of the British Executive, when the country was in full quarantine. These revelations are in addition to other celebrations that included the prime minister, all amid questions from the opposition calling for the resignation of the head of government.

Members of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Cabinet held two farewell parties, which lasted until dawn, at Downing Street on 16 April 2021, despite the restrictions in force at the time.

It so happens, moreover, that the United Kingdom was then in national mourning for the death, a week earlier, of the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, who had to sit alone at her funeral due to social distance required by anticovid rules.

The newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” – traditionally the one closest to Johnson, who worked for him for a long time – published this Thursday the exclusive of the celebration of the two farewell parties, which adds even more pressure on a prime minister beset by revelations about alleged infractions in Downing Street.

On that date, a Friday, the country was in the second phase of the de-escalation, which prohibited indoor socializing and limited outdoor gatherings to six people.

This did not prevent, according to the newspaper, about 30 people will participate in two farewell parties that same night, in which, according to witnesses, alcohol was consumed and there were dances and music until the wee hours of the morning.

The celebrations honored James Slack, Johnson’s former communications director, who left to take over as deputy editor at the tabloid “The Sun,” and one of the Prime Minister’s personal photographers.

That day, according to the “Telegraph”, the prime minister was not at his official residence.

Senior official Sue Gray is investigating the celebration of celebrations and other possible violations of the regulations against covid-19 in the Johnson Executive.

The opposition has openly called for the resignation of the prime minister, to which some voices from his own Conservative Party have also joined, such as the “Tory” leader in Scotland, Douglas Ross.

Johnson apologized last Wednesday in Parliament for his participation in a party in May 2020 in Downing Street.

However, he tried to justify it by ensuring that he thought it was a work meeting and that he did not spend more than 25 minutes in the garden where the celebration took place, which had been summoned by his personal secretary.


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