Indifference indicates that you have this disease! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A new study at the Indiana University School of Medicine revealed that symptoms such as apathy are the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease, explaining the reason for this.

The results of the study indicated that disrupting this process can slow the progression of dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease, according to Al Arabiya, quoting the New Atlas website.

A growing body of research has recently shown that apathy is one of the first signs of dementia, before cognitive decline and memory problems appear. Apathy indicates the onset of neurodegeneration that progresses to neuropsychiatric symptoms that precede dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is known that the same psychological symptoms that appear in addiction such as mood swings, apathy and tension, are among the first signs of dementia, said pharmacologist Yao Yang Ma. It then investigated what happens in the nucleus accumbens during the very early stages of neurodegenerative disease, before damage in other regions such as the hippocampus leads to the cognitive decline more common in dementia.

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