Industry figures in 1,000 million the cost for Nissan to close in Barcelona

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Closing its facilities in Barcelona would cost Nissan more than a billion euros. Provide the factory with a new model and make it competitive for the electrification of the car, about 300. Those are the calculations of the Ministry of Industry, which has submitted to the multinational a competitiveness plan to adapt its production center, seriously risk of closure, as a technological hub to lead the electrification of the automobile in Europe.

“The difference is remarkable between staying and closing. Maintaining the facility is much more economical, viable and positive for Nissan ”, explained Raül Blanco, general secretary of Industry, in a telematic press conference. The calculation of the 1,000 million euros is, in addition, «without counting the image and reputational costs, only labor and contractual costs.

This Monday, the Nissan works councils in Barcelona have met with Blanco to address the difficult situation they are going through and ask the government for one last effort to convince the Japanese firm. “Let Nissan know what it is going to find,” Blanco detailed after the appointment with the unions, explaining that, if the multinational finally decides to close the center – a vehicle plant in the Free Zone and two component satellites in Montcada and Saint Andreu- «will not find an easy or peaceful action by the administrations».

On Thursday, Nissan will unveil, along with its 2019 accounts, its restructuring plan. As the Japanese press has advanced, it is closing the Barcelona facilities, in a worldwide effort to improve efficiency and reduce the overcapacity of the Japanese giant, which could lead to up to 20,000 layoffs, 3,000 of them in the Catalan capital.

Nissan’s goal is also to strengthen ties with its partner Renault, which is also working on its own strategic reformulation. Both companies could advance details on Wednesday, when according to Nikkei, they will announce the main lines of the future of the Alliance that they form together with Mitsubishi. . The workers have been holding an indefinite strike since May 4 in the face of doubts about maintenance, compounded by the lack of guarantees presented by management.

Regarding the competitiveness plan presented by the ministry, Blanco has detailed that it included not only financial, but competitiveness, training and logistics incentives “that within the European framework can be offered” to attract a platform for small electric vehicles in the Alliance framework. “The company valued it well, the proof is that we entered the list to host this new vehicle. We are going to continue doing this ”, he explained. He has also stated that “whether there is an announcement of cease or not will not change our attitude of proposing, through joint work, investment scenarios to the company.” .


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