IndyCar Representative “We do not see F1’s advance into the United States as a threat”[F1-Gate .com]

Roger Penskoo, owner of IndyCar and Indianapolis, says he doesn’t see F1’s expansion into the US market as a threat.

The United States is a country with a rich racing tradition and current influence, and it makes sense for F1 to host the second new race in the United States this season, the F1 Miami GP. In May F1 heads for the new Miami International Autodrome. The semi-permanent 3.36 mile truck built around Hard Rock Stadium will have 19 corners.

Five months later, the Circuit of the Americas will host the F1 United States Grand Prix.

In addition, a third race will be held in the United States in 2023. F1 has announced that it will return to Las Vegas. The race will be a night race on Saturday night, especially for the American Audience.

This sudden impact of a new racing series in the American market, which is already flooded with different types of races, can be worrisome to truck and event owners.

But Roger Penske isn’t worried about fan scrambles, but is positive about F1’s advance and looks forward to how it can be used to expand IndyCar’s influence. Say that.

“We look forward to more races, but we have to compete,” Roger Penske told The Race.

“IndyCar is versatile. There is a high-speed oval. There is no race in F1 that runs 10 mph at 230 mph like Indianapolis. That is the first point.”
“Second, there are street circuits, road courses, short ovals and medium sized ovals. I think IndyCar’s differentiation and diversity make us another product.”

“They are trying to make a bigger TV package here, but that’s not good for us. There is momentum in the value of the series, in terms of our TV viewers and F1 TV viewers. I think it’s good for me. “

Liberty Media, the owner of F1’s commercial rights, believes that there is a huge F1 commercial market in the United States, led by Netflix’s F1 documentor DrivebtobSurvive.

This has caused rumors that F1 is trying to buy Indianapolis from Penske to grow unimpeded in the area. When asked about the sale of the famous brickyard, Roger Penske flatly denied it.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard,” Roger Penske said.

“Let me say it doesn’t make sense. You can’t own an Indianapolis Motor Speedway or support an IndyCar, and vice versa. What an IndyCar would be without Indianapolis No. We are all-in. “

“I don’t have enough money to tempt me to sell it. I don’t have to sell it. I’m not participating in it for money. Sports from a competitive perspective, a marketing perspective, and a technology perspective. I participate because I love it. “

“As a family, we are responsible for maintaining and improving the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Therefore, if you remove one of these parts from the car, it will run the same way. No, and let me say this. I’m usually not the seller of anything, the buyer of things. ”

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