Information you do not know about Sabreen.. Her origins are not Egyptian, and the surprise is the kinship between her and Mohamed El-Helou!

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Sabreen .. One of the most important stars in Egypt and the Arab world, she started on the screen since her childhood, the audience loved her as a child, a teenager, and a star.

She confirmed that she was subjected to envy, which affected her psychological state. The details of that stage and the most important stations in her life are in the following lines.

Sabreen’s upbringing and life, her full name is Sabreen Yassin Abdullah, she was born in Cairo on October 4, 1967, she started acting and appearing in small roles when she was five years old, and after she completed twelve she started singing, and Sabreen said in an interview that she learned the origins of singing at the hands of the mighty Lebanese artist. Wadih El Safi.

She is related to the artist, Mohamed El-Helou, who is her cousin, and the show star Naima Akef, the daughter of her mother’s aunt, said in one of the interviews that she is of Moroccan origin, and her upbringing was in Syria.

She presented many roles in film and television, until 1999, which witnessed the biggest turning point in her life, when she played the character of Umm Kulthum in her famous series, which achieved great success, to graduate announcing the wearing of the veil and retirement.

Years later, she decided to return, and revealed that the envy that afflicted her after the series A Kulthum caused her many problems, whether by separation or the decision to retire.

Her artistic career was the beginning of Sabreen from the cinema, she presented in the seventies a love sweeter than love, the king of the taxi, and the movie Sonia and the Majnun, and starred in the eighties in a large number of films.

Among the most famous of them is my wife’s will, under the calm surface, furnished cemeteries for rent, the well of illusions, girls and the unknown, Al-Jawhari neighborhood, the price of alienation, Al-Arid Al-Halji in a monument case, the winter house, Ontaj, the love of snakes, the dream catcher, the minister’s bacha girl, me, torment and your love, assassination Madrasa, Friends of the Devil, and her famous movie with star Mohamed Sobhi, agent number 13.

In the nineties, I presented Divide and Share, Virgo and Scorpio, fraud, O people, Howah, Under the Quarter, Trail of the Acrobat, Knights of the Last Time, Playing with the Bad Guys, 131 Works, Why Donia, Swag Al-Hanim, and Angry Movies.

In 2016, she presented with Ahmed Helmy the movie Laf and Doran, and in the same year she presented the movie Water, Greenery and a Good Face, and in 2018, the star Aser Yassin participated in the movie Tram Almas.

Sabreen presented on television a great artistic career, she starred in the eighties in the series The Night of the Arrest of Fatima, The Diary of a Deputy in the Countryside, Al Mahrousa 85, We Win the Case, Farfasha, Thirst for Years, The Journey of Mr. Abu Ela Al Humane, written on the forehead, the second meeting, an appointment with the absent A call to life series.

In the nineties, she starred in a large number of series, the most famous of which are Dameer Abla Hekmat, Layali Al Helmiya, Hala Wal-Darawish, Hawanem Garden City, Zefta Republic, and in 1999 the Umm Kulthum series.

In the new millennium, she presented the series Garden of Evil in 2000 before retiring for six years and returning in 2006 through the Kashkool series for every citizen, and starred in the new millennium in a large number of works.

Among the most famous works that I presented after the return are the series Al-Omda Hanim, Sheikh Al-Arab Hammam series, Valley of the Kings series, Roses and Thorns series, Guava Theory series, gynecologist, the joys of the dome, the second part of the group, and the second part of the joys of Satan, the series Layalina 80, A hot line series, and a series all with love.

Sabreen retired in 1999. She presented one of her most important roles, if not the most important at all, which is the Umm Kulthum series, which she said that she did not like her before the series, so that she knew that there was a conflict between the star Nabila Obeid and the star Ilham Shaheen, but the director Inam Muhammad Ali settled the matter in her favour.

The series achieved great success not only in Egypt, but throughout the Arab world, and after the great success, it suddenly ended with Sabreen announcing her retirement and wearing the hijab.

She said in one of the interviews that she was envied, her psychological condition worsened, and she separated from her husband, so she decided to live in peace and we searched for peace, but after several years she said that she discovered that she could not live without art, as she is an actress since the age of five.

She returned in 2006 through the Kashkool series for every citizen with the veil, and in 2008 a scene in the Al-Fanar series required her to appear without a veil, so she appeared for the first time with a wig, after which she started wearing a wig in her work and said that she settled on modesty as a minimum for the veil.

In 2019, she officially announced the removal of the veil permanently, and responded to critics of her removal of the veil on the communication sites that only those who will go to the grave with her have the right to hold her accountable.

And this was not the only thing that happened to Sabreen because of the Umm Kulthum series, so she revealed her refusal to present the biography of the artist Najat Al-Saghira, despite her personal contact with her, but as she said, “She attacked Umm Kulthum.”

Sabreen’s husband and her children In 1990, Sabreen Model appeared in the clip of Mohamed Fouad Asali, and then announced the engagement, but suddenly the separation was announced before marriage, and Mohamed Fouad sang to her after the separation his song “Houdak”, and although both parties did not talk about the reasons for the separation at the time, except After a while, Sabreen was satisfied with saying that the songs he sang to her after the engagement was broken explain the reason for not completing the marriage.

Sabreen married twice, the first time to Yasser Abdel Latif, an Egyptian businessman, and gave birth to her first son, Nour, but she separated from him after the series “Umm Kulthum” and the decision to wear the veil.

After a while, she married Tarek Sadiq Jalal, a businessman, and Sabreen was a second wife, and revealed that she agreed because his first wife is not Egyptian, explaining that if her husband was married to an Egyptian, she would not have accepted, but his wife is an American and lives in America, and she agreed to marry before it took place. She bore him 3 children, Youssef, Ali, and Omar.

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