Infrastructures – A stadium in Ambohidratrimo

The Head of State inaugurated the Ambohidratrimo stadium yesterday morning. The Barea had the honor of being the first to play on the lawn, during a training session.

Four days after the Mahitsy stadium, it is the turn of the Ambohidratrimo stadium to officially open its doors. Like Sunday, the President of the Republic in person proceeded with the inauguration yesterday morning.

It is indeed a promise made by Andry Rajoelina. “I remember in December 2018, I promised the young people of Ambohidratrimo to renovate this stadium to meet their demands. It is now done today, ”he underlined in his speech.

The two stadiums have almost the same characteristics: synthetic turf to international standards, stands with a capacity of one thousand people, new sanitary facilities and changing rooms, etc.

Present at the ceremony, the Minister of Youth and Sports supported the need to properly maintain these facilities. “This rug comes with an eight to ten year warranty. We have to take care of it. The site will be managed by a tripartite committee, made up of representatives from the governorate of Analamanga, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the municipality of Ambohidratrimo ”, insists Tinoka Roberto Raharoarilala.


Distinguished guests of the ceremony, the Barea logically congratulated the initiative of the Head of State. “For all footballers, it’s always good to see this kind of project take shape. The feeling is like that of a child receiving new pairs of shoes. The construction of such stadiums will help the development of the discipline. But we must add accompanying measures, such as material support for footballers, ”says the goalkeeper, Nina Razakanirina. And material, the young people of Ambohidratrimo benefited from it. Indeed, Andry Rajoelina also donated several sets of shirts and balls yesterday.

The Barea had the honor of being the first to play on the new pitch. They did their daily training there after the ceremony. Beyond the sporting aspect of the thing, they put on a nice show for the locals. The majority of residents of Ambohidratrimo saw for the first time the members of the selection, which they are used to following on television. “For us, they are international stars. Seeing them up close like today is like a dream. An unforgettable moment ”, exclaims a young person who lives in Ambohidratrimo, with whom we spoke briefly.

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