ING Management and Unions Discuss Collective Labor Agreement for Employee Transitions: Early Retirement and Voluntary Resignation Options

2023-09-26 19:00:57

ING management and the unions discussed a collective labor agreement (CCT) on Tuesday afternoon with a view to the development of certain departments. The agreement notably offers employees whose work will be automated the possibility of taking a “early retirement” or to voluntarily resign in exchange for compensation.

Management and unions did not give concrete details on the number of employees potentially affected, but the bank refuted the idea that it was a series of layoffs or a restructuring. “ING strongly denies the allegation of a possible restructuring like in 2016“, we can read in a press release.

However, according to the bank, explanations were given during the ordinary works council on “very specific organizational changes for the next two years“Concretely, this mainly concerns developments in departments where a large number of tasks have been automated or digitized in recent months, indicates the bank. These include administrative tasks in particular.


If certain unions gave their agreement, the CGSLB denounced a collective labor agreement which “cache a social plan“. “We have been asking ING for weeks to communicate their intentions regarding the planned restructurings. In vain, explains the union representative. We do not want to sign such a text without knowing how many people are affected“, indicated Marieke De Kegel, permanent CGSLB to our colleagues at L’Echo.

For its part, the Belgian Prime Minister’s party was very critical. “It is not possible that at a time when all our businesses need additional staff, a big bank decides to pay people to stay at home.”déclare Tom Ongena, president of the Open VLD, selon Het Nieuwsblad.

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Three possibilities

In this context, three options are available to the employees concerned, specifies the ING spokesperson. There “internal mobility“, either a change of job within the company, a voluntary resignation with compensation as in the case of dismissal or, for employees close to retirement age, early departure in the case of a long career , as provided for in the recently renewed collective agreement.

For this last option, “employees who wish to apply will be informed personally in the coming days“, specifies the press release. The people concerned must have at least 10 years of seniority and be four years from retirement age.

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