Lin Bingshu: A Controversial Case of Violence and Inadequate Sentencing

2023-09-26 16:16:00

Reporter Yang Peiqi/Reporting from Taipei

▲Lin Bingshu only needs 14 days in jail to regain his freedom. (Picture/Information screen)

Legislator Gao Jiayu was violently raped by her ex-boyfriend Lin Bingshu. In the first instance, the New Taipei District Court sentenced Lin Bingshu to 2 years and October in prison for 13 crimes including injury, of which only the injury crime was not subject to a fine. The High Court of Second Instance dismissed the appeal in July. Since Lin Bingshu has been detained for 226 days, if the verdict is confirmed and the detention period is deducted, he will only have to spend 14 days in jail. According to our understanding, neither Lin Bingshu nor the prosecutor decided to appeal for the crime of injury. Lin Bingshu has also received a notice from the District Prosecutor’s Office that he will report to serve his sentence after the Mid-Autumn Festival. He only needs to serve 14 days in jail and pay fines for other crimes.

In the first instance, the New Taipei District Court found Lin Bingshu guilty of the crime of stealing other people’s non-public activities and private parts of the body, threatening public safety, spreading defamation, injuring, forcing, obtaining and changing electromagnetic records of other people’s computers or related equipment without reason, and five crimes. The crime of altering quasi-private documents and 2 crimes of altering quasi-private documents. Except for the crime of assault, which was sentenced to eight months in prison without the possibility of a fine, the other crimes were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three months to six months and could be fined.

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The second instance dismissed the appeals of Lin Bingshu and the prosecutor and upheld the original verdict. Three of the crimes, including injury, forgery, and obstruction of computer use, can also be appealed to a third instance. However, according to our understanding, neither the prosecutor nor Lin Bingshu appealed. Therefore, Lin Bingshu will have to serve eight months in prison for the injury crime, and he only needs to pay the fine for the other crimes.

However, because Lin Bingshu has been detained for 226 days during the investigation, there are only 14 days left in jail in August. According to our understanding, Lin Bingshu has received a notice from the District Prosecutor’s Office to report to prison in October. If the prosecutor allows Yike to pay a fine for the remaining crimes, Lin Bingshu will be fine as long as he pays it. The whole case is concluded.

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