“Ingeniously off” convinces on Thursday evening (PHOTO)

2023-05-26 07:15:15

Munich (ots) RTL showed last nightTWO two more episodes of the popular comedy guessing show “Genial daneben”. At prime time, the program moderated by Hugo Egon Balder achieved 6.9% MA in the advertising-relevant target group of 14-49 year olds. In the younger audience (14-29 years), she got 9.0% MA. This was followed by another issue at 6.2% MA among 14-49 year olds.

  • Episode at 8:15 p.m. with 6.9% MA (14-49 years) and 9.0% MA (14-29 years)
  • 6.2% MA in 14-49 year olds for subsequent episode
  • Up to 1.04 million viewers in total

Up to 1.04 million viewers in total watched “Genial neben” on Thursday evening. In addition to Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning, Dieter Nuhr, Max Giermann, Pierre M. Krause, Janine Kunze and Oliver Pocher were guests.

Earlier in the evening, “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” scored points with the audience with 6.4% MA (14-49 years) and 12.2% MA (14-29 years).

Data © AGF in cooperation with GfK; VideoScope, market standard TV, May 25, 2023, provisionally weighted. Unless otherwise stated, data refer to 14-49 year olds.

About “Brilliantly Missing”:

“Ingenious next to it” is finally back. In the popular comedy guessing show, moderator Hugo Egon Balder asks five prominent comedians curious questions from the field of general education that were sent in by viewers. The guessing group occasionally comes up with the right answer creatively and wittily. But if she doesn’t make it, the sender of the question can look forward to a cash prize.

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