Inspiring Heroes: The Extraordinary Story of the Ulma Family’s Heroic Sacrifice in WWII

2023-09-10 20:22:21

WARSAW – The Catholic Church has beatified a family of nine killed by Nazi troops for harboring Jews in Poland during World War II. In a special ceremony held at the church in the village of Markowa in southeastern Poland, the Pope’s representative, Cardinal Marcelo Semeraro, read the Pope’s decree in this regard. This is the first time that an entire family, including a newborn, has been blessed by the Catholic Church. Thousands of devotees including Polish President Andrey Duda participated in the ceremony.

On the night of March 24, 1944, Joseph Ulma, his family and the 8 Jews they sheltered were brutalized by the Nazi army. Farmer and freelance photographer Josef Ulma (44), wife Viktoria (31), daughters Stanislava (7), Barbara (6), Maria (18 months), sons Vladislav (5), Franzisk (3), Antoni (2), and 8 Jews The Nazis killed inside the house. The child born when Victoria, who was pregnant, was shot, has also been declared blessed. In 1995, Israel’s Yad Vashem Institute honored them with a special honor for giving shelter to Jews.

Cardinal Semeraro unveiled the portrait of the Ulma family for veneration at the altar. If a miracle is proven through the intercession of the blessed Ulma family, they will be canonized.

English Summary: Vatican holds unprecedented beatification of Polish family of 9 killed for hiding Jews

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