Instead of thanking me, he says this.. I will not respond at this level

The Lebanese actress repliedMyriam FaresOn the statements of her fellow artistFares KaramHe described it as an “acidifying psyche”, after the crisis of their picture for their joint concert poster.

In an interview with the “The Insider in Arabic” program, Miriam said: “I heard what he told, and I can’t respond to this level… I have an idea about him that he is a respectable person, and I was surprised by the story that happened, and the whole story is a big picture and a small picture, a flaw about a flaw.” .
And she continued, “I did not expect what this person said because my idea of ​​him was different, and yesterday I asked the party organizers, does Faris know that I chose him to be with me at the concert from among the group of artists you showed me? And because he knows I grieved more, so instead of thanking me, he says these words, I will not respond.” at this level.”

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