Institutional Reform Project in Wallonia and Brussels: Complexity, Duplication, and Concerns

2023-09-29 09:04:15

“An institutional massacre,” railed Olivier Maingain (Défi) at Fabrice Grosfilley’s microphone this Friday on BX1. The reason for this anger concerns the institutional reform project which aims, in particular, to simplify the institutions in Wallonia and Brussels.

“I am not against reform, but not as it is presented to us,” he began. He then pointed out the complexity that this will cause for regionalized sectors. “And it won’t save money,” he adds.

He fears that administrations will be duplicated and believes that the “dramatic sixth state reform” is the main cause of concerns today. “We see all the harmful effects today. Do not trust those who will, once again, carry out an institutional massacre. That’s the word and I’m very lucid.”

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