Insulate or sell at a discount? The new DPE is a headache for many owners

Since Friday evening and the suspension of DPE for housing built before 1975, the situation has suddenly changed for Claire (the first name has been changed), owner of a 10 m2 maid’s room in a 1930s building in Paris ( 15th arrondissement). Temporarily, she “no longer has a big ball on her hands” and is no longer obliged to sell her property “as quickly as possible and at a really low price”. If this is “a huge relief” in the short term, she still thinks of parting with it, but is no longer afraid “of losing a lot of money”, like this “furious” neighbor, who, on the basis of of an erroneous diagnosis, separated from her property a week ago by lowering its selling price by several thousand euros.

For the one who has just finished repaying a loan of 112,000 euros, taken out ten years ago, it was urgent. According to the expertise of the property established on September 20, lapsed since Friday, and that we have consulted, the room – fitted out in the attic and that it has rented 350 euros per month to students for ten years – consumes 1463 kWh / m2 / year, instead of the 450 required by law.

Impossible to get into the nails

Rather than renovating, the owner rushed to find buyers for her room. “In fact, this diagnosis forced me either to live there, since I am not obliged to do work if it is I who occupies it, or to part with it, or to actually do work to rent it. Standards. “

Except that it was impossible to get into the nails with the faulty software provided by the public authorities. “Unless, maybe, you put 50 cm thick insulation,” she said. The catch? “These costly works lost more than a square meter of floor space since I cannot insulate from the outside”, she explains. The consequence ? The room was getting too small to rent and at 12,000 euros per square meter, the owner had to lower the sale price accordingly. To “get rid of the problem”, she is always looking for a potential buyer. “For him, not to rent it and not to live there,” she explains. Perhaps a teleworker who would like to transform the room into an office, without doing the insulation work. “

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