Intel’s 14th Gen Desktop Processors: No Thunderbolt 5 Support and Future Updates

2023-10-23 01:48:19

Not supporting Thunderbolt 5 seems to be okay. Intel’s earlier press release mentioned that the 14th Gen series of desktop processors support Thunderbolt 5, but it suddenly issued a correction last Friday (October 20), mentioning that the 14th Gen series of desktop processors code-named Raptor Lake-S Refresh The processor does not support Thunderbolt 5. Certain processors in Intel’s new Intel® Core™ 14th Generation processor family will support Thunderbolt 5, but specifically, Intel® Core™ 14th Generation desktop processors will not support it. We will provide updates on further details on Intel® Core™ 14th Generation processors supporting Thunderbolt 5 in the near future. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thunderbolt 5 specifications were announced by Intel in September. The maximum transmission rate can reach 120Gbps (Bandwidth Boost), and the general 80Gbps is also faster than the current Thunderbolt 4. In terms of timing, the Thunderbolt 5 chip code-named Barlow Ridge will not be officially launched until the first quarter of 2024 at the earliest, while Raptor Lake-S Refresh uses the Intel 700 series chipset and has been launched for more than 12 months, and most of them The relevant chip motherboards from motherboard manufacturers have already completed planning or are on the market, so the launch of motherboards using Thunderbolt 5 chips is a bit awkward in terms of timing. However, as for Intel’s special release of correction notes, it may not be just a matter of timing. As for the Meteor Lake part, it natively supports Thunderbolt 4. Whether any manufacturers are willing to add Thunderbolt 5 may need to continue to be observed; Arrow Lake, which succeeds Raptor Lake-S Refresh, will begin to natively support Thunderbolt 4, but considering the specifications of some flagship motherboards, it must be Adding a Thunderbolt 5 chip also makes perfect sense. In any case, Intel has confirmed that the 14th Gen series processors used in desktop computers do not support Thunderbolt 5, but it seems to have left a foreshadowing for laptops that are also Raptor Lake Refresh. As for the actual situation, we will wait until the product is released. Let’s observe again.

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