Interesting details about going to the toilet in ancient Rome

Go back in time and find out how the ancient Romans dealt with sadness and you’ll be shocked to know what else they cleaned “the place” with.

  • In ancient times, when women went to the street to go to the bathroom, what happened?
  • Going to the toilet in public, the girl has a terrible disaster
  • Types of toilet construction that no one dares to think about
  • Hanoi: Public toilets are rusty and seriously degraded
  • Laughing at the toilet signs that can’t be more “salty”
  • 5-star standard school toilets make netizens want to go to school
  • Transparent public toilets in Japan
  • The reason the hotel has a phone in the bathroom
  • The worst thing to avoid about toilet feng shui
  • The teacher’s super cute “tip” makes students remember to flush the toilet

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