Interferers on AfD invitation in the Bundestag? Council of Elders advises

Dhe Council of Elders of the Bundestag deals this Thursday with the suspicion that the AfD smuggled right-wing troublemakers into the Reichstag building the day before. These are said to have harassed MPs in the corridors during the debate on the Infection Protection Act, as several parliamentarians reported.

“If it turns out that AfD MPs have given people access to the Reichstag who have exerted pressure on MPs or prevented them from fulfilling their mandate obligations, then this must have consequences,” said the First Parliamentary Managing Director of the FDP parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, the German Press Agency. “That would be grossly unparliamentary. We will investigate the matter in any case in the council of elders. “

Greens speak of a “monstrous” process

The council of elders meets that afternoon. The First Parliamentary Managing Director of the AfD Bundestag faction, Bernd Baumann, said on Wednesday evening that his faction had no knowledge that AfD members had smuggled unauthorized people into the Bundestag. “If guests who have been regularly registered by individual members and who have been checked by the Bundestag have violated the house rules, we will investigate these allegations.”

According to a report by the editorial network Germany, an AfD member confirmed that a woman on his list was invited to the meeting. It is said to be the woman who pressured economic minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) with questions, filmed and insulted him. This can be seen on a YouTube video. Other activists also came to the Bundestag at the invitation of the AfD. This also coincides with research by the ARD capital studio.

“It is monstrous! We will defend our democracy and parliament against enemies of democracy, ”wrote Britta Haßelmann, the first parliamentary manager of the Greens, on Twitter. The incidents had to be “dealt with immediately in the parliamentary bodies”. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) should present a comprehensive status report at the meeting of the Council of Elders.


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