International animation creators in Sharjah Animation

2024-04-24 21:33:55

Sharjah (Al-Ittihad)

The second session of the Sharjah Animation Conference, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority, will bring together during the period from May 1 to 5 at the Expo Center Sharjah, the largest production companies in the creative and entertainment content industry in the world , to offer animation enthusiasts and professionals the opportunity to discover what’s new in this industry and gain the expertise and experience of its pioneers and most eminent influencers in the world.
The “Sharjah Animation Conference” enhances the audience experience, through a diverse program that includes more than 60 events, including 30 interactive workshops, 20 discussion sessions, 5 inspiring dialogues and 5 concerts, and welcomes 71 guests from 12 countries. helps meet public needs and inspires visitors to explore their talents, abilities and creativity.
The conference’s list of sponsors includes a group of major international companies, including Toon Boom Animation, a Canadian comic book software company whose software is widely used in the animation industry for motion pictures and television, digital design, video games, mobile devices, training and education, making this company the best choice for animation and storyboard artists.
Toon Boom Company also offers the winners of the awards of the second session of the conference a professional license for the animation program “Toon Boom Harmony”, while “Wacom”, the leading manufacturer of computers and graphics tablets supported by the The use of digital technology and electronic pen products, participates, because its solutions constitute… Innovative digital creativity tools are essential tools for many animators and digital artists, bringing added value to animators’ tools.
Also among the sponsors is MSI, the global technology company known for its comprehensive line of laptops, graphics cards, monitors and other products and services.
The “Sharjah Animation Conference 2024” will see award winners from its second session honored in its two categories, while the “Show Your Project Award” challenges artists, producers, writers and creative minds to prepare and develop a presentation for an animation. series related to the cultures and customs of the Middle East region, while the “Book Promotion Award” celebrates. Through the art of promotional advertising and its ability to embody the essence of the book, it invites individuals, groups and creative agencies to design promotional advertisements. for the “Kharaef” book series by Emirati writer Dubai Abulhoul, published by “Kalimat Group”.

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