Logitech G PRO X Series Launch: ScreaM Wins with Precise Operation – Up to 32% Discount!

2024-04-24 09:01:18

World-class eSports shooter ScreaM launches Logitech G PRO X series for the first time and wins with precise operation

A new flagship product, the YETI ORB/GX White Gaming Microphone, will be shown at the same event. A variety of products will be celebrated with a discount of up to 32%.

Logitech G Logitech G forNOWDay (22) unfoldPRO X 60% mechanical gaming keyboard designed for shooting game events,It has a sensitive, fast and durable optical axis trigger; and based on the needs of shooting games, it adopts a design of 60% of the keyboard size to allow the mouse to have a greater range of movement, creating the most precise weapon throwing performance for all. professional shooters. According to statistics from e-sports database ProSettings, among the 1,462 professional e-sports players worldwide, up to 61.9% use Logitech G peripheral products and after the launch of PRO X 60, the PRO has been fully upgraded. players. Logitech G also invites the professional player ScreaM, known as “E-Sports Headshot King”, to cooperate with the second generation PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 wireless lightweight gaming mouse of the same brand and PRO Win the game and enjoy of the most exciting killing moments. This time, the PRO X 60 is launched in white, black and peach pink, with a suggested price of 6,490 yuan.

Logitech G PRO

PRO X 60 Occupationmechanical 60% e-sportskeyboard Lightspeed feedback gives you an edge at your fingertips Highly customizable for ultimate moments

Designed for shooting gamesThe new Logitech G PRO 60 professional mechanical keyboard 60% e-sports introduces precise and no delay OPTICAL SWITCHES optical axis technology, allowing players to have the pleasure of mechanical typing at the time of typing, but also has excellent response with delay almost zero in addition, it does not contain any metal. It eliminates fatigue and connection issues and lasts twice as long as traditional mechanical keyboards. PRO It is further expanded to allow players to hit the enemy more accurately; There is also a “KEYCONTROL customizable key function”, each key can be configured up to 5 commands, and different usage parameters can be instantly switched through the G HUB custom key, enabling instant adaptation. The game world in front of you; other functions include LIGHTSPEED, BLUETOOTH, TYPE-C tri-mode connection, integrated volume wheel on the left, PBT keys, game mode switching and LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting adjustment on the right. , and a PRO X 60 textured storage box has become a magic weapon for all professional e-sports players to conquer all events around the world.


Logitech G PROProfessional eSports playerScreaM cooperates to create a unique weapon for headshot kings

The launch of the PRO X 60 pushes the boundaries of Logitech G PRO X series products.This time, Logitech G specially cooperated with ScreaM, an e-sports expert affiliated with TEAM LIQUID, to launch the PRO Between 2017 and 2017, it won the reputation of “Headshot King” for five consecutive years. With the most demanding technology and design, the PRO

In addition, the second generation PRO wireless sports headset microphone is the first e-sports headset to use graphene monomer, which highly restores real sounds. It can accurately hear the sound and identify the enemy’s position in the game, allowing players to strategize in front of the screen. Even more dazzling.

Professional e-sports player ScreaM, known as “King of Headshots”, prefers PRO X series e-sports products

YETI ORB and YETI GX USB gaming microphone are also introduced on the stage, new textured colors and delicate debut

The YETI ORB and YETI GX USB gaming microphones, both of which are Logitech G’s flagship products, are expected to launch a new White model in early May, continuing the existing advantages of low distortion, plug-and-play and equipped with Blue VO! CE technology, which can not only make the player’s voice clearer and fuller, and can make detailed voice line adjustments; YETI GX also uses a super-cardioid radio mode to present detailed, broadcast-style audio. The YETI ORB and YETI GX USB gaming microphones have a stylish appearance, which not only breaks the traditional design conventions of the e-sports world, but the new white model has become an important highlight of the Logitech G series.

The YETI ORB and YETI GX USB gaming microphones will be available in a new white color in early May.

When PRO launched

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In order to create a win-win situation for all players, we are offering the ultimate discount between now and April 28. Consumers can enjoy a minimum 32% discount on PRO X SUPERLIGHT ultra-light wireless mouse when shopping at Logi flagship store. the price is only 2,990 yuan (original price 4,490 yuan); the G913 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is available at a discounted price of 4,490 yuan (original price 5,690 yuan); 2,690 yuan (original price 3,990 yuan), creating a perfect ecological chain for e-sports and creating a battlefield born to win. For more activities, visit:https://reurl.cc/3XL91V

Until April 28, enjoy huge discounts on PRO X series products

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