International final tournament: Three Germans in the playoffs of the DH Starcraft 2 Masters Atlanta

Status: 11/19/2022 12:57 p.m

Gabriel “HeroMarine” Segat, Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber and Julian “Lambo” Brosig have qualified for the playoffs of the international final tournament of the Dreamhack Starcraft 2 Masters in Atlanta.

In the decisive group phase, the signs for two of the German participants were extremely bad, because HeroMarine and ShoWTimE ended up in one group. There were also two top-flight opponents: South Korean Park “Zoun” Han-sol and Mexican Juan “SpeCial” Lopez.

However, the German players from Mouz and BIG both easily won two games and took the first two places. In the German duel, ShoWTimE won against HeroMarine (2:0), who stood in for the Italian and Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti.

“Only played two best-of-three series and already a better result than in Valencia. Qualified life is really nice!” ShoWTimE wrote on his Twitter channel.

Lambo and Fabian “GunGFuBanDa” Mayer failed in their groups and fell into the so-called knockout bracket. There Lambo managed to qualify for the playoffs.

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