Intimate Scenes with Johnny Depp: Hollywood Actresses Share Regrets and Uncomfortable Experiences

2023-08-28 03:47:45


Johnny Depp is an actor who is crazy about many Hollywood actresses, one of which is Eva Mendes. Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend had a role with Depp. The two of them also had an intimate scene at Once Upon a Time In Mexico.

Unfortunately, in the film that was released in 2003, Eva had a regret. He admitted that he regretted doing the kissing scene with Johnny Depp so well that the two of them didn’t have to linger in the scene.

Eva also said that Johnny Depp really intimidated her and made her melt every scene with him.

“All my kissing scenes are the best, but I regret not kissing Johnny Depp any longer. I feel very intimidated by him. It was the first time I worked with my idol actor when I was little,” he said when interviewed by

The actress, who is now 49 years old, was still single at that time, so she felt she should have been more ‘wild’ with her idol.

An almost similar experience was also experienced by Christina Ricci with Johnny Depp. Previously she had played opposite the actor when he was a child and the two were reunited after Ricci became a teenager in The Man Who Cried in 2000.

Even then, both of them had to have sex scenes as lovers. This turned out to make the California-born woman feel strange because she already considered Johnny Depp as her brother.

“It’s kind of weird,” Christina told Entertainment Weekly in 2001.

“Anytime you do that thing like two pigs in front of 20 men and women on set it’s kind of weird, especially with someone you meet when you’re 9 and he’s 26. But we get along so well we can both laugh about it and said, ‘This is really annoying,'” he concluded.

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