Intisar Al-Sharif and her daughters interacting with the tunes of my choices that destroyed my life. Video

2023-08-07 12:05:54

The famous social networking site, Intisar Al-Sharif, sparked widespread controversy after appearing with her daughters, as she interacted with them to the tune of “My Choices”.

And Al-Sharif appeared, accompanied by her daughters, standing behind her during a video clip and interacting with the tunes of “My Choices Destroyed My Life” by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Saad.

The clip, which spread very quickly on the communication sites, caused widespread controversy among the audience, as they wondered who the mother was among them, and someone commented, saying: “We know that her shape is close to her daughters, and that she is small and cute from filters.”

And Intisar Al-Sharif had stated that she was linked to a man in the past, with reservations about all information related to him in addition to his real name, announcing to her audience that she was not currently thinking of marrying anyone else, and would only take care of her children and take care of them.

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