Introducing the PlayStation Portal Remote Player: Your Portable PS5 Experience

2023-08-23 13:00:00
Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced that the official name of the PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5) remote dedicated terminal announced as “Project Q” in May 2023 has been decided as “PlayStation Portal Remote Player”. did. It was also announced that the price will be 29980 yen[tax included]. The release is scheduled for 2023, and pre-orders will start soon. PS5 remote play portable device “Project Q” announced. It comes with an 8-inch monitor and includes dual sense functionality. Also announced the first wireless earphones for PS[PS Showcase]“PlayStation Showcase” delivered on May 25, 2023 (PlayStation Showcase). Deliver information on dual sense with monitor and wireless earphones released in this broadcast. In addition to the official wireless earphone “PULSE Explore”, which was revealed along with “Project Q”, a new “PULSE Elite Wireless Headset” was announced. In addition, has posted a report on participating in a trial session for these products, so be sure to check it out. Remote play dedicated terminal for PS5 “PlayStation Portal remote player” media experience report. A high-quality gaming experience is possible in a stable network environment, and it is truly a “portable PS5” Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will deliver a media experience report on the “PlayStation Portal Remote Player” scheduled to be released in 2023. PlayStation Portal Remote Player Price: 29,980 yen[tax included]Release date: Within 2023 The PlayStation Portal Remote Player is a device dedicated to remote play that allows you to experience the PS5 game experience at your fingertips. It has the main features of the DualSense wireless controller such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, and is equipped with an 8-inch LCD display that supports drawing at 1080p resolution and 60fps. PlayStation Portal can connect to the PS5 main unit via Wi-Fi when the family is using the TV and you can’t play the game, or when you want to play the PS5 game in another room other than the living room. By doing so, you can enjoy the gameplay from PS5 to PlayStation Portal as it is. * A broadband Internet connection environment with a Wi-Fi connection of at least 5 Mbps is required to play games on PlayStation Portal. A high-speed connection environment of 15 Mbps or higher is recommended for a better playing experience. With PlayStation Portal, you can play compatible games installed on the PS5 main unit. In addition to connecting to PULSE Elite and PULSE Explore, it also supports wired connection with 3.5mm audio jack. It does not support PlayStation VR2 games that require a VR headset or cloud streaming gameplay included in the PlayStation Plus Premium service. PULSE Explore Wireless Earphones Price: 29,980 yen[tax included]Release date: Within 2023 PULSE Explore Wireless Earphones are PlayStation’s first wireless earphones that allow you to carry and enjoy a high-quality acoustic experience. The built-in dual microphone is equipped with a noise reduction function that filters background sounds with AI. It supports lossless audio and comes with a charging case. PULSE Elite Wireless Headset Price: 18,980 yen[tax included]Release date: Unannounced The PULSE Elite Wireless Headset is a next-generation wireless headset that supports lossless audio. The newly added retractable boom microphone is equipped with a noise reduction function that filters background sounds using AI. A charging hanger that can be charged and stored at the same time is also included. The PULSE Elite wireless headset and PULSE Explore wireless earbuds have custom-designed planar magnetic drivers inside. This is the first PlayStation audio device to be installed in expensive headphones such as those used by professional sound engineers. PlayStation’s new wireless audio technology “PlayStation Link” The PULSE Elite wireless headset and PULSE Explore wireless earphones connect to the PlayStation Portal via a new wireless audio technology called PlayStation Link. PlayStation Link is a new technology that provides low-latency lossless audio. You can connect multiple devices that support PlayStation Link, such as PS5 or PlayStation Portal with a USB adapter inserted, and easily switch the audio between devices. When using PULSE Elite or PULSE Explore on PS5, insert the USB adapter included in both products into the main unit and connect to PlayStation Link. The PlayStation Link USB adapter is also scheduled to be sold separately, and you can enjoy low-latency lossless audio with PULSE Elite and Pulse Explore on PC and Mac. PULSE Elite and PULSE Explore can connect to any PlayStation Link enabled device (PS5, PC, Mac or PlayStation Portal) and at the same time connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. For example, while using PULSE Explore on PS5 with a USB adapter inserted (connected via PlayStation Link), you can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth at the same time, so you can enjoy talking while playing games. there is The PULSE Explore and PULSE Elite each come with a PlayStation Link compatible USB adapter.
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