Introduction to Al-Manar TV main news bulletin for Tuesday 28-6-2022 – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

God willing, good.

With this phrase, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati ended his non-binding parliamentary consultations, and did not commit himself to anything, except to stress the need to form a government as soon as possible that takes into account as much as possible of the political and tragic reality in the country.

After the consultation station is finished, it is expected that President Mikati will visit the Baabda Palace tomorrow to place the President of the Republic in the atmosphere of parliamentary consultations, and for consultation to take place in the first steps of composition.

There are steps between political obstacles and economic and social fires, but they are necessary as a mandatory path, in the hope that a government will be born that will do what it can in light of this great devastation caused by the American blockade and helped by the grudges of some Lebanese and the greed of others. At least through electrical plants and oil refineries, which were secured by Chinese, Russian and Iranian offers.

Throughout the crisis, vigorous efforts and attempts by some ministers to alleviate the crises, such as the attempt of the Minister of Labor on the strike line of public sector employees, and the attempt of the security forces to enter the mill line and raise the level of control over their production..

In the region, the level of anticipation has been raised, with the spotlight on Qatar’s Doha, where the Iranian nuclear negotiations have resumed, and what has increased their importance is the Israeli wailing and the fear of their senior leaders that these negotiations will be able to achieve a breakthrough that will restore the nuclear agreement to life, which makes Tel Aviv the biggest loser.

Among the moral losses suffered by the Hebrew entity today is the Palestinian resistance’s display of scenes of an Israeli soldier in the hands of the Qassam Brigades, who suffers from a difficult health condition, which makes it difficult for the important Zionist negotiator in the prisoner exchange file, and raises the papers of the resistance in those indirect negotiations.

Source: Al Manar channel

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