Investigation into the collapse of Hwajeong I-Park in Gwangju

Returned on holidays and continued the investigation, but the suspect did not appear

▲ ‘Third missing person found’… Heavy search operation in progress
On the afternoon of the 27th, debris that could not be removed is seen on the 28th floor of the Hyundai Industrial Development I’Park apartment building collapse site in Hwajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju. The Central Accident Response Headquarters found the third missing person on the 28th floor and is conducting rescue operations. 2022.1.27 News 1

The investigation into the collapse of Gwangju HDC Hyundai Industrial Development Hwajeong I-Park is not progressing due to the Lunar New Year holiday.

According to the investigation headquarters for the collapse of a new apartment building in Seo-gu, Gwangju on the 2nd, during the Lunar New Year holiday, the investigation team (the violent crime investigation team) returned the holiday and investigated the cause and responsibility of the collapse. The investigation into the responsibility of Hyeonsan was expected to gain momentum by subpoenaing and investigating Hyeonsan officials and supervisors one after another just before the holidays and securing a statement that they ignored the structural review of the construction method change, which was pointed out as a major factor in the accident.

However, during the holiday period, the defense attorneys of the suspects postponed their attendance one after another due to the fact that they were on holiday, and the summons and investigation could not be conducted normally.

During the holiday period, the investigation team focused on a detailed analysis of the vast amount of confiscated material obtained by seizure and search of the headquarters, field offices, and subcontractors in Hyeonsan. The results of the analysis of confiscated items are expected to be used as important evidence to prove the credibility of the statements of those involved who postpone each other’s responsibilities in the future.

The investigation team (Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Investigation Unit), which is investigating the allegation of illegal subcontracting, only conducted a background investigation as the representative of the subcontractor, who was the case, postponed the summons for reasons such as appointment of a lawyer.

After the holiday, the anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team will call a subcontractor official as a reference person to secure a detailed statement about the contractual relationship.

The Gwangju Police Department formed an investigation headquarters immediately after the collapse, and so far 11 people have been charged with negligence and negligence and violation of the building law.

There are a total of six people related to Hyundai Industrial Development, including the person in charge of development, including the site manager, the construction manager, and four safety management managers.

The remaining cases include one subcontractor’s on-site manager, three supervisors, and one subcontractor’s representative on charges of breach of contract.

A search and seizure was also conducted on the Hyeonsan headquarters, field offices, supervisory companies, design companies, subcontractors, and concrete suppliers.

However, the joint on-site investigation of the site of the collapse is being delayed as the search for the missing person continues for the 23rd day.

At the site of the collapse, the demolition of debris is in progress to conduct a search, and there are concerns about damage to the site due to additional collapse of debris.

The police plan to fill the gap that failed to conduct on-site forensics by acquiring a large amount of video and photos of evidence from the scene before and after the accident, and focus on collecting and securing concrete samples during on-site forensics at the end of the future search.

Reporter Lim Song-hak in Gwangju

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