Investigations Launched into the Collapse of Derna Dams: Accountability Will Prevail

2023-09-16 05:09:15

The Attorney General in Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Sur, announces the launch of investigations into the circumstances of the collapse of the Derna dams, stressing that whoever is found guilty will be held accountable. In terms of health, the pictures reassured that there are no risks to public health in the city, despite the warnings of the World Health Organization.

The Attorney General of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour.

The Attorney General in Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Sur, announced the launch of investigations into the collapse of the two dams in the city of Derna, following Hurricane Daniel, to determine whether the case was marred by corruption, negligence, or negligence.

He stressed in statements he made to the Libyan News Agency “WAL” that these charges cannot be proven except after the completion of investigations that will determine the facts and reveal the elements and elements of the crime.

Al-Sur also stressed that “whoever is found guilty will be tried,” and that “there will be no impunity,” explaining that experts will determine whether there are structural or hydraulic errors or corruption, and “those involved will be prosecuted, whoever they may be.”

Al-Sur also announced that his office has begun summoning the Dams Administration and the Ministry of Water Resources, stressing that the investigations currently underway are focusing on the causes of the collapse of the two dams and the money that was paid to maintain the Wadi Derna dams and how they were spent.

He pointed out that the investigations will include local authorities and successive governments, regarding any negligence or negligence, and the detection, inspection, and identification of victims and the cause of death.

Al-Sour also decided to “increase the number of members of the Public Prosecution” in order to complete the investigations as quickly as possible.

He said that the investigations will show whether the two dams, which were originally designed to protect the city from floods, and not to retain rainwater, were unsuitable, which led to their collapse, or whether there were other reasons, stressing that in the end, “the elements of the crime will be known through investigations and their type.” crime and bring charges against anyone proven involved.”

Warnings of a health disaster…and the pictures are reassuring

In terms of the health repercussions of the floods and their effects, Al-Sur explained that there is no threat to public health as a result of the decomposition of the bodies, pointing out that refrigerators for the dead were brought to Derna, to enable teams to dissect the bodies and determine the identity of their owners through DNA, and therefore “there will be no risks.” On public health if the body remains for a day or two to complete the autopsy and DNA procedures.”

Likewise, local and foreign rescue teams in the city of Derna and the rest of the areas affected by the hurricane and floods are continuing their efforts to search for missing persons and pull people alive from the rubble despite the difficulty of moving in the city’s streets, amid warnings of a health and environmental catastrophe in the affected areas.

The Minister of Health in the government appointed by the House of Representatives, Othman Abdel Jalil, announced that 3,166 victims had been buried in the city of Derna as of yesterday, Friday, while some estimates indicate the death and loss of about 15,000 and the displacement of about 30,000 residents, whose number was estimated. About 100 thousand.

As the number of victims and missing people increased, the frequency of appeals increased from inside Derna and other regions requesting more machinery, equipment, rescue teams, and services.

Residents and relief teams are facing great difficulty in dealing with thousands of bodies that were brought back to land by the waves or are decomposing under the rubble after the floods destroyed buildings and threw many into the sea.

The World Health Organization and other relief organizations called on the authorities in Libya to stop burying flood victims in mass graves, saying that “this may cause long-term psychological problems for families,” or may create “health risks if the bodies are buried near water.”

A United Nations report stated that more than a thousand people have been buried in this way so far.

Warnings are mounting of a health and environmental catastrophe in the areas affected by the hurricane, especially the city of Derna, as environmental experts warn of the spread of infectious diseases and epidemics as a result of the contamination of drinking water in the city.

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