iOS 16.5 drops iPhone battery life, but there may be solutions

2023-05-29 05:01:57

Many iPhone users have complained that their device’s battery drains quickly after the new iOS 16.5 update. Users filled the Apple forum and Twitter with complaints and questions about the new battery drain issue.

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A few days ago, Apple released a brand new update for its iPhones: iOS 16.5. The latter brought new features, such as a new wallpaper for the Pride, and fixes many bugs, some of which have been actively exploited. However, Apple would also have reduced the autonomy of the devicesaccording to the testimonials of many users.

Indeed, a quick search of social media reveals that many Apple fans are having issues with their iPhone battery. According to them,bthe autonomy having taken a serious hit since the installation of the new update.

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What to do if your autonomy decreases after an update?

Apple has officially acknowledged the existence of the problem, but wanted to be reassuring. According to company support, “ It’s normal for your apps and features to need adjusting up to 48 hours after an update “. According to Apple, the original issues should now be fixed, since the new version was deployed over 48 hours ago.

The problem is that some users probably continue to have problems with their battery. If you are one of them, know that several solutions are available to you. First, you can simply try restarting your device. You can also go to the App Store to update your apps.

If the issues persist, you may need to check your battery status in Battery > Battery health and charging. Here you will find the maximum capacity of your battery. If this is below 80%, this means that your battery is quite worn out and that it is time to change it. Finally, you can also check detailed battery usage to see which apps are consuming more than usual.

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