iOS 17.4 Beta Test: New App Installation Requirements in the EU by Apple

2024-02-24 16:00:36

In the new iOS 17.4 beta test version released by Apple earlier, Apple will require iPhone users in the European Union to confirm and agree to the installation before installing apps in the internal software market through the App Store.

If this prompt continues to be retained in the official version of iOS 17.4, Apple is expected to confirm the user’s first use of the App Store to download the app and choose whether to agree to the installation, thereby avoiding EU regulators accusing it of violating market monopoly.

Apple previously adjusted its App Store usage policy based on the EU Digital Market Law. In 27 countries and regions in the EU, including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, users are allowed to obtain iOS platform compatibility from third-party software markets and distribution platforms. Application services, and Apple will also provide relevant API resources and development tools, allowing developers to provide downloading and installation of App services through other platform channels, as well as subsequent updates and management.

As for Apple, it will also add corresponding protection measures from iOS 17.4 and later versions. Within the scope of EU Digital Market Law, Apps must complete automated and manual reviews under notarization to ensure safe use, and must also provide complete App content. Instructions for use: If a malicious program is found during the App installation process, the system will prevent the App from starting.

Apple also emphasized that the above-mentioned approach cannot completely prevent the risks involved in downloading apps from non-App Store. On the other hand, apps downloaded through non-App Stores will not be able to use functional mechanisms such as family purchase sharing and asking before purchasing, but they can still use the tracking transparency function, and the user’s personal privacy must be tracked before obtaining the user’s permission.

The above-mentioned adjustments are currently limited to use within the European Union, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and countries outside the European Union. Users are not allowed to download the App through third-party software markets.

The official version of iOS 17.4 is expected to be officially launched in March this year, and it is expected that updates will begin to be released to users after Apple announces new products at the spring conference.

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