Iphone 14..its price, specifications, and release date in Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Iphone 14..its price, specifications, and when it will be released in Saudi Arabia and Egypt – Thaqafni

iPhone 14 specifications, iPhone phones are considered one of the most expensive phones in the world and one of the most important ones as well. It is characterized by the fact that it has a wide segment of people who love a number of smart phones that feature international specifications, and while waiting for the appearance of this phone, which will be released soon, millions of fans of this phone that will be released are searching Soon to know its wonderful specifications, and this was confirmed by the international press that it is one of the best phones that will be released this year, as Apple is known for its wonderful and distinctive phones from the rest of the other phones in the world, and this phone enjoys wide popularity in the Middle East in general, and in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia in particular.

iphone 14 specifications

The iPhone 14 iphone 14 pro max has imaginary specifications, according to what was reported by many important international newspapers, with the specifications of global phones, as there will be several notable changes from the previous version, especially in the price of the phone, which is likely to be lower than the price of previous phones, and this is what He made millions search for the validity of this matter to buy it, as it comes with a screen size of 6.1 and a weight of 232 grams, and the phone is resistant to water and dust up to six meters, and the battery comes with a capacity of 5000 mAh, and it also comes with an eight-core processor and the iOS 16 operating system, as well. It comes in several colors: gold, silver, black, and more.

iPhone 14 pro max release date

It is expected that the descent of the iPhone 14 will be at the end of the ninth month, but it is expected that its descent will be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at the beginning of October of this year, and these are the expected prices for the iPhone 14:

  • The price of the iPhone 14 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starts from 5200 Saudi riyals
  • Egypt from 25000 EGP
  • Its price in the UAE starts from 4800 dirhams
  • In the State of Qatar, it will start from 5000 thousand Qatari riyals
  • And the iPhone 14 price in Kuwait starts from 300 Kuwaiti dinars.

With this, our dear ones, we have provided you with the price of the iPhone 14 on our website, trust me, in addition to its prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Egypt and Kuwait, as well as the expected date of the arrival of this phone in the Arab countries.

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