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Leak account ShrimpApplePro has posted CAD images showing the design of the volume and mute buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro.

↑The image is ShrimpApplePro/ TwitterThan

It has long been pointed out that the volume and mute buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro may become electrostatic buttons that do not move. Also, the volume button seems to be integrated with volume up and down.

Looking at the CDA image this time, you can see that it is a long and large button that integrates the volume up and down volume buttons. Also, the mute switch is a button instead of a slide type. Presumably, both buttons are capacitive rather than physically active.

Capacitive buttons are already used in the currently available iPhone SE (3rd generation) and the MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad. The vibration motor “Taptic Engine” built into the device reproduces the click feeling.

On the other hand, it seems that the regular model “iPhone 15/15 Plus” will continue to have physical volume buttons and a mute switch. This year’s iPhone 15 series seems to be differentiated by its detailed appearance.

Source: ShrimpApplePro / Twitter via MacRurmosThan

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