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The flash of your It does not turn on? Despite the fact that this does not happen very frequently among these mobile devices, there are some factors that prevent the flashlight from emitting some brightness, so it can impair its correct use and cause more than one problem.

Given this, in DEPOSIT Here are some simple tips that you can put into practice before you decide to take your iPhone to Apple support. To do this, follow the steps below.

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What to do if the flash on my iPhone does not work?

  • First, notice if there is something in the case of your cell phone that covers the light output of the flashlight.
  • Try to restart your iPhone, since there may be an error in the system that prevents the proper functioning of the flash.
  • If your iPhone’s battery is at its limit, you may not be able to turn on the flashlight because the device has gone into low power mode.
  • Close all the applications that you are using, since some of them that have the flash, such as the camera, may have certain errors that cause the flash not to activate.
  • Check that your cell phone is not at high temperatures, as this could cause the flashlight and other tools to not be enabled.
  • If your iPhone does not have the latest iOS update, it may be a factor for the flash not turning on, so you will need to download the latest version from the App Store.
  • Another option that you can try is to ask Siri to activate the flash or flashlight on your iPhone. In this way, you will be able to know if the problem is with the system or your device suffered physical damage.

So you can block pages in Safari from an iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Now, enter the General section.
  • Swipe down and tap on Restrictions.
  • After this, activate the Activate restrictions option.
  • Then, you will have to set a security password so that third parties do not unlock the Safari pages.
  • Re-enter the password to confirm the action.
  • Right away, head over to the Authorized Content section.
  • In this part, choose Websites.
  • After this, click on Limit adult contentfollowed by never allow.
  • Subsequently, put the URLs of the websites you want to block and that’s it.

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