“IPL 2023 Kalasha Match Postponed Due to Heavy Rain: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-28 18:06:13

Ahmedabad | Due to heavy rain, IPL 2023 Kalasha match has been postponed to Monday, the reserve day. The heavy rain and thunderstorm that fell before the toss at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad was the villain. Many fans left the stadium disappointed after waiting for the rain to stop.

The rain came just before the toss. In the meantime, the rain stopped and the cover on the pitch was completely removed and the players prepared for the last warm-up practice, but the rain returned.

The final time allotted for the five-over match was 12.06. The umpires had indicated that the match would have to be postponed to Monday if the rain did not stop by 11 pm

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