Iran’s actions are destabilizing the Middle East -Joe Biden | Iran’s actions are destabilizing the Middle East -Joe Biden

Jeddah: US President Joe Biden said that Iran’s activities are destabilizing the Middle East region. He was speaking at the Jeddah Summit. He thanked Saudi for inviting him to this conference. We are determined to tackle terrorist threats in the region. “We will support our allies in the region to fight terrorism,” he said. He participated in a summit held in Jeddah with the leaders of the GCC countries, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt at the end of his first visit to the Middle East after becoming the US president.

The United States is committed to ensuring that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. Biden said he would strengthen air defenses and provide early warning to counter airstrikes in the region. Biden welcomed the role of countries in the region in supporting the ceasefire in Yemen. He added that the agreement has entered its fifteenth week and we will work to resolve the impasse there.

There will be free trade agreements and Saudi investments in Jordan and other countries. Our goals are focused and achievable. The American President also pointed out that we will work in the context of a unified Middle Eastern region. He also emphasized that the United States will not allow outside forces to oppress the people of the region. The United States will continue to be the most active partner in the Middle East. We will work in this area and establish sustainable economic relations. American interests are tied to Middle Eastern conquests. Biden told the leaders of the Gulf and other Arab countries that Washington will never “give up” on the Middle East region, where it has played a critical political and military role for decades. If there is any void here, other powers are not allowed to fill it. The US President also said that we will not leave a vacuum to be filled by China, Russia or Iran.

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