Iron Cavalry Volunteers: Ensuring Safe and Smooth College Entrance Exams in Changsha

2023-06-07 02:37:00

Three hundred “iron cavalry” guards in Changsha

Escort 45 college entrance examination centers in the city, and help candidates as soon as possible

  Star Online June 7 News According to (Hunan Daily All-Media Reporter Wang Qian Correspondent Tan Yili) reported that the engine roared and the police lights flashed. “I announce that the Special Patrol Detachment’ Escort College Entrance Special Police Colleagues’ Iron Cavalry Examination Volunteer Service Team is launched!” On the 6th, with the order of Changsha Public Security Special Patrol Detachment Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Political Commissar Jin Zhixun, 300 special police iron cavalry protection examination volunteer service teams The Taiwan iron cavalry set off in full gear and headed for their respective college entrance examination centers.

A volunteer service team consisting of 300 “iron cavalry” and 870 police officers was deployed in 45 test centers in Changsha (including Changsha County, Wangcheng District, Liuyang City, and Ningxiang City), so that candidates who encounter emergencies can be the first to test. Time to seek help from the volunteer team members of the iron cavalry test.

It is reported that during the college entrance examination, the volunteer service team of the iron cavalry test will carry out continuous patrols at the main intersections and important road sections of the test sites. Each police motorcycle is uniformly equipped with a “College Entrance Examination Escort Emergency Kit”, which includes emergency supplies such as masks, heatstroke prevention medicines, motorcycle helmets, 2B pencils, and disposable raincoats. Each member of the volunteer service team is familiar with the route of the test center in advance, and determines more than 2 green guarantee channels for the college entrance examination to ensure timely and effective help to candidates. At the same time, the Special Patrol Detachment has also set up a 24-hour service hotline (0731-84782500) to “escort the college entrance examination” to answer, accept, dispatch and deal with candidates and parents emergency police calls for help at any time during the college entrance examination.

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