Is Hong Kong’s Food Paradise Brand at Risk? Netizens Express Concerns Over Worsening Dining Experience

2023-10-16 00:01:17

Netizens lamented that the feeling of going out to eat in Hong Kong is getting worse and worse. Four major points have become fatal!

Is Hong Kong’s “food paradise” brand in danger? While the government is still promoting Hong Kong cuisine to the outside world, many netizens have other opinions. Some netizens posted on the Internet and complained that the feeling of eating out in Hong Kong is getting worse and worse. The biggest problem is that it is expensive but does not feel full. Many netizens feel the same way and use this to vent the “misery” they experience every day. After summarizing the opinions of netizens, the editor summarized the four fatal injuries. Read the following to understand the content!

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Four major fatal injuries: Hong Kong’s “food paradise” no longer?

The poster’s post sparked heated discussions

1. Price

Netizens clearly stated that nowadays, even a casual meal in a tea restaurant costs NT$60-70. For two people at the same table and drinks, it is not difficult to easily exceed NT$200. However, the food quality has not increased due to the increase in price, but has continued to maintain the same level. It’s all difficult, and it really can’t be justified; the source of food is expensive, not only small shops are affected, but the quality of food in chain stores has also dropped significantly. In the end, the cost is passed on to consumers, and everyone loses.

The price is not proportional to the portion

Chain fast food restaurants also increase prices, but food quality drops

Prices starting from NT$60 in tea restaurants have become commonplace.

Netizens think it’s difficult to have a meal that’s reasonably priced and of good quality

2. Food quality

Many people question why the food standard in the market is declining rapidly. Some people think that the old chefs have retired, while others say that many caterers have immigrated. Coupled with the economic downturn, it is necessary to find something that cooks delicious food and has money to promote it. There are very few people; even if the food is good and popular, the rent will be increased; and during the introduction of strict epidemic prevention policies, business was greatly affected and unstable, and many people were afraid to eat again. Si.

Silently asking the sky

Is the industrial building restaurant open again?

Not to mention the taste, everything should be cooked first, right?

Netizens carefully analyzed

3. Service attitude

A large number of netizens complained that the service attitude of waiters was getting worse and worse. They often turned a blind eye to customers and had to pour themselves a glass of water. Some restaurants even use QR codes to place orders. Even if the waiters have already arrived, they are still required to use QR codes to place orders. The most annoying thing is that the waiter in the restaurant has not provided service, but still charges customer service fee.

turn a blind eye

The most annoying thing is to charge an extra one

Maybe people don’t want to do it

What if the manpower is not enough?

But the service in Japan is really good.

4. Available

There are fewer and fewer choices in restaurants, and the food always remains the same. I think there are many choices, but in fact, they are all the same at heart. There are fewer and fewer food choices. There are expensive ice cream shops and check-in cafes everywhere. Restaurants only focus on promotion and ignore the quality of the food. This is really disappointing. Therefore, many people have made it clear that apart from entertaining, they still cook for themselves unless necessary. .

There are actually fewer and fewer choices

pessimistic to despair

Household gatherings and cooking meals have become a habit for many people

At least the price for two meals is reasonable?

You can save a lot by cooking it yourself

There is decadent food

I wonder if readers agree?

Image source: Liandeng Discussion Forum

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