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Is Omicron more infectious than Delta? What masks are needed to prevent the new crown to be effective?

In the week ending January 1, 2022, the Omicron strain accounted for about 95.4% of new coronavirus cases in the United States, and the delta strain accounted for about 4.6%. The first two local cases of the new coronavirus in this round of epidemic in Tianjin belonged to the Omicron variant and belonged to the same transmission chain. Recently, the two local cases of infection in the active testing population in Anyang City, Henan were both infected with the Omicoron virus. Rong mutant strain, it can be seen that the infectivity of Omicron is stronger than that of Delta. What kind of masks do we wear to prevent the new crown is effective?

What masks are effective to wear to prevent the new crown?

To prevent the new coronavirus, it is recommended to use medical protective masks or medical surgical masks. N95 masks are highly protective, but they will feel stuffy after wearing them for a long time. Therefore, the time should not exceed 4 hours at a time, and continuous use of N95 masks for a long time may cause lung damage. When purchasing a mask, check whether there is a “N95” or “KN95” logo in the “small print” on the mask package or on the surface. Some masks only say “95% filter bacteria”, etc., which are not “N95”.

How to prevent the new coronavirus

1. Do not go to the epidemic area, avoid contact with patients or suspected people with new coronavirus pneumonia, and consciously keep a distance of more than one meter from others when you are outside;

2. Do a good job of self-protection, use the correct mask when going out, try not to touch external objects, and perform effective hand cleaning after returning home;

3. Keep a distance of one meter when waiting in line. The new crown virus can be spread by close-range droplets, and people are easy to gather when waiting in line.

4. When cleaning, do not forget small objects such as mobile phones. The new coronavirus can be transmitted through contact, and small objects such as mobile phones, mice, and keyboards are frequently touched.

5. You can’t lack physical exercise in your daily life, pay attention to your daily routine, don’t stay up late, keep a happy mood, and maintain your own health;

6. Pay attention to opening windows for ventilation at home to keep the air flowing.

Now that the virus is raging, we still have to be vigilant. Those who meet the conditions must be vaccinated against the new crown, and if necessary, a booster shot.


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