Is Takumi Nishigaki a threat to passengers? “Pending Train” No. 6 passengers revealed |

2023-05-12 13:55:02

The 4th episode of the drama “Pending Train-8:23, Tomorrow with you” starring Yuki Yamada will be broadcast today, May 12th (Friday). Another vehicle warped to the future world, “Car No. 6” passengers have been revealed.

One day, one of the trains heading to the city center is cut off and thrown into a pending, extraordinary world, and they end up surviving a survival life together. Yamada, Eiji Akaso, Moka Kamishiraishi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Kai Inowaki, Kotone Furukawa, Joichiro Fujiwara (Naniwa Danshi) and others play the roles of the passengers on board the train.

In tonight’s broadcast, along with Car 5 in which Naoya (Mr. Yamada), Yuto (Mr. Akaso), and Sae (Mr. Kamishiraishi) boarded, the existence of the passengers of Car 6, which was pending in an unknown world, was revealed.

Masato Hagiwara as Shunsuke Yamamoto, the leader who manages the passengers of Car No. 6 and who always stays calm at all times. Eiji Wentz as Norimasa Uemura, a craftsman who worked at a construction company. Takumi Nishigaki plays Tatsumi Kakogawa, who hides a secret and threatens the passengers of Car 5.

Yamamoto approaches the passengers of Car 5, revealing that he has a clue to return to the world he was in. Are they allies? Is it an enemy? “Pending train – 8:23, tomorrow with you” has reached a new development. Next time, episode 5 will be broadcast on Friday, May 19th.

▼ Episode 5 Synopsis
Naoya (Yuki Yamada), Yuto (Eiji Akaso), and Sae (Moka Kamishiraishi) encounter the people of “Car No. 6” who were sent to the future at the same time as their “Car No. 5”. Yamamoto (Masato Hagiwara) and Uemura (Eiji Wentz), who are said to be the leaders of Car No. 6, guide us to their living quarters. was there.

In order to find a way to return to the original world, Yamamoto proposes to cooperate with the passengers of Car 5, but Naoya and the others cannot easily trust him. However, Yamamoto tells him how the future world turned out like this, and the shocking facts that will be clues to return to the original world one after another.

“Pending Train – 8:23, tomorrow with you” is broadcast every Friday from 22:00 on TBS.

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