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Is the baby wheezing dangerous? Answering questions. What causes this symptom?

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Is the baby wheezing dangerous? This is a problem that many parents worry about. The baby wheezes in the throat. What is the cause? Is there a solution? Let’s find out.

During infancy, it is time for parents to take good care of and support him. for the baby to grow up to be perfectly healthy Even the slightest abnormality can cause concern thatsick babyor not, such asbaby wheezingIn the neck is another symptom that parents are very worried about. Pokok.com therefore asked to answer the question thatIs the baby wheezing dangerous? What caused it and how can parents take care of their babies?

What is the cause of the baby wheezing?

wheezing baby is a condition where the baby is breathing and there is some sound interfering with it Or it seems that something is blocked or stuck in the throat, making it difficult to breathe. which may be caused by

  • A viral or bacterial infection that causes tissue in the airways to swell, such as the flu.

  • have a narrow and constricted airway from birth make breathing difficult

  • The larynx is too soft until falling to cover the sound line and temporarily block the baby’s airway. This condition usually improves on its own when the baby is 1 year old.

  • Swelling in the airways until causing obstruction or inflammation

  • overweight

  • have a respiratory disease such as asthma or lung disease

Signs of a baby wheezing

Perhaps the parents are unaware that their baby is wheezing or not. Let’s take a look at these symptoms. Because if you start to have the following symptoms Show that your child’s airway is starting to have problems.

  • Irregular breathing rhythm

  • fast breathing

  • Sleep apnea for 2-3 seconds

  • When the baby breathes, there will be a soft snoring sound.

Is the baby wheezing dangerous?

There are many causes of wheezing in a baby. which if caused by the larynx may not be dangerous But most often caused by respiratory disorders. until it may be dangerous You should consult your doctor to determine the exact cause. before it seriously affects your baby’s health in the future.

Is the baby wheezing dangerous?

What to do when your child is wheezing?

As you know, Infant wheezing is primarily caused by the respiratory tract. Here are some ways to help relieve symptoms and prevent severe symptoms:

  • Maintain your baby’s weight within the normal range. not too much

  • Place the baby in a well-ventilated place to make it easier for him to breathe.

  • Don’t smoke or take your child to smokey places. Otherwise, it may trigger his symptoms to worsen.

  • Always keep your child clean. especially the palm or any item that must be brought near the nose and mouth. to prevent pathogens from entering the child

When should you take your child to the doctor?

If you carefully observe the symptoms of your baby and found that he was breathing with a squealing sound that would not go away should be taken to see a doctor to diagnose the disease and the cause to continue treatment But if they are taking care of each other and have these symptoms should be taken to the doctor immediately.

  • Breathing faster than 60 breaths per minute, even when he was in deep sleep. or during relaxation

  • severe suffocation

  • have apnea for more than 10 seconds

  • Pale skin, purple lips, abnormal discolouration of hands, feet, and nails

  • The chest area, the abdomen is heavy when inhaling

  • breathing and making noise

In conclusion, wheezing may be the beginning of respiratory problems. If it is very severe, surgery may be required. Parents, therefore, should observe their child’s symptoms early and take them to the doctor regularly. in order to find the cause and treat it in a timely manner

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