Is the graphics card shortage over? Beware of Artificial Intelligence

2023-12-06 06:30:34

Is it finally time for PC gamers to get a new graphics card? The semiconductor crisis was greater than ever during Covid, which had seriously affected production and PS5 supply. For dozens of months, stocks of the Sony console were so thin that it was very difficult to get your hands on one.

Fortunately, since then the Japanese firm has managed to take control of the situation, and is promising a substantial stock of PS5s for Christmas with no planned shortages. However, PC gamers were not left out with an even more complicated situation for graphics cards. Everyone who tried to buy a GeForce 3080 from Nvidia or a Radeon 6900 XT from AMD during the pandemic will remember it. 3 years of real hardship for fans of the PC Master Race, where supply could not catch up with demand.

The end of 3 years of shortage?

The situation is gradually improving, and it seems that everything will soon return to normal. According to graphics card sales analysts Jon Peddie Researchit has already been since the previous quarter that growth in the area is on the rise again. Compared to last year, GPU shipment is experiencing growth of 36.6%.

Jensen Huang, PDG de Nvidia. © Nvidia

It should also be noted that compared to last year, the 3 graphics card sellers, Nvidia, AMD and Intel, finally have entry-level models below 350 euros, such as the RTX 4060, the RX 7600 or the Arc A770. Let us note, however, that we are not safe from another upcoming shortagepurchases of graphics cards starting to rise again for their applications concerning Artificial Intelligence.

Excellent numbers for Nvidia

Compared to last year, Nvidia reported an increase in gaming revenue up 81% with $2.86 billion in third quarter ! Nvidia being the graphics chip supplier of the Nintendo Switchit also benefits from the success of the Japanese firm.

We can now wonder if the American company will also equip Nintendo’s next console. In the meantime, the latest Steam survey shows that, out of 20 graphics cards most used by players on the platform, 17 come from Nvidia, with the 3060 in the lead. Now, all that remains for players is to hope that the AI ​​does not create another shortage in the near future…

  • Sales of graphics cards are on the rise again, but supply has managed to catch up with demand after 3 years of supply difficulties.
  • La division gaming de Nvidia experienced an explosion of 81% in the third quarter compared to last year.
  • Only, applications of graphics cards in the field ofartificial intelligence could well lead to an upcoming shortage.
Sony PS5

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