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After Lin Zhijian withdrew from the mayor of Taoyuan due to disputes such as plagiarism of his thesis, the follow-up impact attracted attention from all walks of life. A new online poll shows that 38.3% of the people “will not pay much attention” to the candidates’ education, but as high as 79.9% of the people “will definitely” affect their willingness to vote because of the moral flaws of the candidates, and 78.1% of the people On the other hand, they believe that moral standards are the biggest bonus for local dignitaries, and it is like slapping the face of President Tsai Ing-wen who has been “sturdy” all the way. A large number of netizens are even more angry about this.

“YAHOO Qimo” launched an online poll on the 10th. As of 11:00 noon today (16), 43,600 people have participated in the vote. “Will a candidate get caught in a moral controversy, will it affect your willingness to vote?” 79.9% of the public think they will definitely, 8.2% will not at all, 6.3% may, 3.8% will not know, don’t know/none Opinions have 1.8%.

In response to “Will you attach importance to the candidate’s education?”, 38.3% of the respondents thought they would not, 28.8% would probably, 20.1% would definitely, and 10.9% would not at all, don’t know/have no opinion of 1.9%.

As for “being a local politician, what conditions do you think will have the effect of adding points? (check)” The top five are: “moral standards” 78.1%, “past political achievements” 65.5%, “governance courage” 60.7% , 57.6% of “crisis management”, and 47.8% of “international vision”.

The results of this online poll have sparked heated discussions, with netizens flocking to “Zhongshi News Network” and “Yahoo! Qimo News” Facebook links to leave messages: “This result is the biggest warning to Tsai Ing-wen”, “Tsai Ing-wen leads the nine-in-one” The general election has been going strong again, and the poll results are that Taiwanese slapped her in the face.” “Whether you have a high degree of education is really not important, but whether you have an honest personality is very important. I would rather have an honest personality, Don’t use fraudulent means to obtain a high degree.”, “I used to vote for the DPP, but there have been too many turmoils recently. Once wars and plagiarism of papers, I won’t vote for them again next time”, “Integrity counts. What? Step on your feet with courtesy, righteousness, and shame, so that you can become a president and a high-ranking official.”

Article Source:“YAHOO” poll

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