is vaccination working?

On the Covid-19 front, a country is gradually finding a smile. This is Israel, since the vaccination campaign that began there very early, on December 20, is, if we are to believe the latest figures, to bear fruit.

In this vaccination center in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, Moshe comes to receive the second injection of the vaccine against the coronavirus. The end of the tunnel, he said: “I was no longer working because I have a medical history and I didn’t want to risk catching the virus. Now, with the second dose, I will be able to go back to work, being sure that nothing will happen to me. ”

The first studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine give cause for optimism. In Israel, where the vast majority of seniors have been vaccinated, hospitalizations for those over 60 have dropped by 60%, and people who received both injections appear to be over 99% immune, according to Professor Arnon Afek, of the Seiba hospital, near Tel Aviv.

“It’s very impressive, it encourages us a lot”, he assures. “This comforts us in the idea that we will succeed in bringing down the level of contamination thanks to the vaccine”. As the vaccination campaign continues for the entire population, even teenagers, the epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Israel. The English variant is believed to be at the origin of most of the new contaminations.

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