Isabelle Chevalley turns the page on politics


Isabelle Chevalley will be leaving the National Council by the end of the year. After twenty years of political commitment, the Vaudois liberal society will devote itself to recycling projects in West Africa.

“I have a lot of activities in Africa. At 49, it’s now or never to reorient my professional career,” Isabelle Chevalley told Keystone-ATS on Thursday, confirming an article in Le Temps.

The elected will leave the political scene before the end of the year. This will depend on the progress of a dossier on the circular economy, which it defends in a sub-committee. And also the availability of her successor, the physicist Céline Weber Koppenburg, she said.

Very involved in Africa for several years, Isabelle Chevalley fought last fall against the initiative for responsible companies. Her Burkinabé diplomatic passport had been debated, some wondering if it was compatible with a mandate of national adviser. The main concerned ensures that this controversy “played no role” in his departure.

Isabelle Chevalley entered politics twenty years ago as a Constituent Vaudoise. Defending the idea that economy and ecology are not opposed but complementary, she participated in the creation of the Vaudois Green Liberal Party. First a cantonal deputy, she was elected in 2011 to the National Council. She was then the only French-speaking representative of the Vert’liberals.

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