Isaiah Matiaba: “I’m having a hard time” – The “demon” he struggles to fight – 2024-04-24 16:37:35

Isaiah Matiaba was a guest on the set of the show “I Love Su Kou” today. The well-known singer also spoke about the “demon” of overeating, with which he struggles to this day.

By the way, see the singer’s revelation about homosexuality.

“I’m still going through a difficult phase with overeating. My father’s elopement triggered all this, from there it all started and I gained 20 kg in a short period of time. And then a state of habit started, it’s a demon I struggle a lot to fight. I will make it eventually, but it takes time.

It needs many factors to help me succeed and psychologically cope with it. The food came because there was insomnia. Between 00:30 and 04:00 I sit on the sofa, watch TV and this must definitely be combined with food. I don’t eat much throughout the day, but I “give” in the evening”, said Isaiah Matiaba.

“I’ve been courted many times by men”

Isaias Matiamba spoke to the camera of the “Mega Kalimera” show and referred both to the racism he has experienced and to the comments about his weight. By the way, see the unknown relationship of the performer after his separation with Athina Oikonomakou.

The singer revealed, in fact, how he has been rejected from jobs because of extra pounds.

“We met Vasiliki at the airport. I didn’t realize that the phone she gave me was Cypriot and I thought she gave me a fake number because when I went to pick her up, she didn’t pick up.

There is no need to refer to incidents of racism. I am trying and learning to forgive those who treated me racist.

Someone went to talk racist to me about my color and stopped it when they saw that it was me. I forgive infidelity if it happens once or twice. I have cheated before.

I have been courted many times by men, the first time I felt strange.

I’ve been at my fattest for two years now. I have lost jobs because of my weight. There is the classic comment from the aunt “fat, how did you get like this? Will you lose weight at all?”

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