“In the biggest housing crisis, you go and advertise a 2 million euro house” VIDEO – 2024-04-24 16:38:34

Nikos Androulakis, on the occasion of the interview that Stefanos Kasselakis granted to a journalist in the new apartment he acquired in the previous months, he launched a harsh attack against the president of SYRIZA.

“How can you express the anguish of citizens who are in a difficult situation, when in the biggest housing crisis that the people are going through, you go and advertise a 2 million euro house?asked the president of PASOK, speaking to MEGA and referring to the house that the president of SYRIZA recently bought.

Asked about the possible cooperation between PASOK and SYRIZA in the future, Nikos Androulakis, noted that: “If PASOK is not the force to reconstitute the Center-Left, this change will never happen. Right now we have a party with a leadership that cannot express the world of the Left. How can you express the anguish of the citizens who are in a difficult situation, when in the biggest housing crisis that the people are going through, you go and advertise a house worth 2 million euros, and you tell the journalist that you are not my accountant to tell you and he does not have submit where you are from.

A party that there is called a party of the Left. Someone appears to lead who not only has no relation to the Left, but also insults its dominant principles. If I said that a miracle happened at my baptism, would anyone take me seriously? Could you imagine a leader of the Left talking about miracles and swimming pools?

It depends what people want. To hear such nonsense from the far right. I believe that these phenomena have no ideological imprint. I will not enter a TikTok contest with Kasselakis, nor Mitsotakis.”

The president of PASOK noted that he has proposed holding a “debate of political leaders to discuss the serious issues and leave the communication shows and tricks aside”. When asked about the poll stability of PASOK, he said: “The big issue is how New Democracy has lost 30% of its power in one year. PASOK is growing, but growing slowly. It is an issue, we will see in the elections how it will be reflected.

Why is ND losing? In the summer devastating effects of climate change. Accuracy gallops, scandals to which no answers are given by the Justice. A new formation will be reflected in the elections. There are many reasons to vote for PASOK. First reason to disapprove of New Democracy, secondly to have a serious, strong and credible official opposition to force Mitsotakis to look at the problems of the people and to have a government option in the next national elections and thirdly, the European socialists have stood next to the interests of the country firmly”.

Nikos Androulakis criticized the choice of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to include Freddy Beleris on the New Democracy ballot: “The ethnic minority of Northern Epirus is a national issue. Mitsotakis’ motives for joining Beleri are neither national nor European. They are pollsters. I say this as an MEP who has made dozens of amendments to Albania’s accession file. We have never instrumentalized this particular issue as a party. The position of Mr. Beleris is where the people of Heimara voted for him. Mayor in his area. Not for Rama’s chosen one to leave and come.”

Finally, responding to the criticism regarding the inclusion of the former New Democracy MEP, Thodoris Zagorakis, in the PASOK European ballot, Nikos Androulakis emphasized: “Our ballot is a jewel. We have received very important Greeks from all sectors. I am very proud that this effort I am making to renew the democratic faction was embraced by many young people throughout Greece as well as people who have served our country and I am sure that they will bring a very good result in the European elections”.

SYRIZA: He continues to speak with the same offensive descriptions

“Mr. Androulakis continues to speak monotonously and boringly with the same insulting characterizations about SYRIZA-PS and its President,” Koumundourou sources report, on the occasion of an interview with the PASOK-KIN.ALL president.

They comment that “today he once again showed his panic and resorted to the well-known method of mudslinging, looking for a ‘lifeline’ for the looming failure in the upcoming European elections” and that “he even went so far as to insult even progressive voters by asking if they prefer entertainers ».

SYRIZA’s sources “point out” to Mr. Androulakis that “few listen to him now, even from within PASOK, which he leads, while SYRIZA-PS and Stefanos Kasselakis form a substantial opposition to the right of Mr. Mitsotakis”. “Each and every one has been assigned,” they say conclusively.

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