Israel, the plan to destroy Iran’s atomic program with “bunker buster” bombs –

Israel has had a specific objective for years, which it wanted to complete after the assault with drones and missiles from Iran: to destroy the laboratories for designing the atomic bomb with bombs and raze all the structures for enriching uranium to the ground. The project was revealed by Il Giornale, which explains how it received a firm no from the USA, which wants to tone down the conflict. Tel Aviv’s plan is based in particular on the advance of the F35 fighters: the jets, divided into various teams of four, would fly with different trajectories to evade radars and reach the skies of Iran to implement the most complicated part of the strategy, that is, eliminating anti-aircraft defenses around nuclear sites.

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Once the first step has been taken, it would then be the turn of the F15, F16 and F 35, which would use the Gbu 72 “bunker busters”, 2,500 kilo American bombs, capable of penetrating tens of meters of concrete and destroying the laboratories hidden underground. The main objective, and also the most difficult to reach, is represented by the Fordow laboratory, built inside a mountain, with laboratories even 80 meters deep. It is precisely here that the crux of the Islamic Republic’s atomic research lies. To disintegrate it, the Gbu 57A/B would be needed, a 14,000 kilo “bunker buster”. However, the US has always refused to sell it to Israel, aware that it would be used in these raids. Other ways, reports the newspaper directed by Alessandro Sallusti, are to destroy the electrical power sources and block the laboratories or to destroy the surface accesses so as to make the site inaccessible. An almost impossible mission even for the Jewish top guns.

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