Israeli-American Massacres in Lebanon: Updates on Al-Habbariyeh Massacre and Hezbollah’s Response

2024-03-28 04:36:47

NNA – Al-Diyar newspaper wrote: In the series of Israeli-American massacres extending since October 7 and before that, a new massacre in Al-Habbariyeh (Hasbaya district) led to the death of 7 martyrs, when Israeli warplanes targeted the Islamic Emergency and Relief Center in the town at dawn on Wednesday. It also led to 4 paramedics who were present in the center were injured with various injuries, and yesterday morning the bodies of the seven martyrs were recovered from under the rubble, and they are: Baraa Abu Qais, Abdul Rahman Al-Shaar, Muhammad Ragheed Hammoud, Abd Sharif Atwi, Hussein Al-Shaar, Ahmed Qasim Al-Shaar, Farouk Atwi.

According to the information, 17 people were in the civilian center, all of whom were injured and taken to hospitals. Hezbollah confirmed in a statement that “the crime will not go unpunished.” The resistance carried out violent bombardment with various missile calibers that targeted the settlements, specifically Kiryat Shmona and the leadership of the 769th Brigade in the colony’s barracks, which led to One settler was killed and others were injured. The enemy media also reported scenes of destruction in factories and buildings in Kiryat Shmona. The mayor of Al-Habbariyeh, Ayman Shuqair, denied the allegations published by the Israeli army about targeting a military center in Al-Habbariyeh. At night, the Israeli aircraft launched a raid on a café in Naqoura, and there was conflicting information about the number of martyrs. And the wounded. While initial information indicated the fall of 5 martyrs, Al-Mayadeen TV reported the fall of one martyr and 6 wounded. It also reported information about the martyrdom of paramedics from the Islamic Health Authority in a bombing that targeted a house in Tair Harfa during breakfast.

Palestinian sources in Beirut confirm that the war is long, and the equation with Netanyahu has become “oh killer, oh murdered.” The prime minister rejects all initiatives, and is still searching for an image of victory, and will not stop the war before achieving it, to avoid his imprisonment and the end of his political career.

In the information, after the failures in the field, Netanyahu is focusing on killing civilians and assassinations, and local and external security information intersects with the presence of approximately more than 40 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, permanently and 24 hours a day, in Lebanese airspace, with more than 30 warplanes conducting surveys. Comprehensive and accurate coverage of all Lebanese territories in cooperation with ground customer networks.

Despite this, and in the security information, many members of the Israeli networks were arrested in the southern suburbs, the Bekaa, the camps, and the north recently, and they confessed to dealing with the enemy and revealed important information. In the information, the security services surround the investigations with complete secrecy after taking a decision to prevent the disclosure of any activity. Network and how it was arrested, after investigations revealed the existence of links between networks, cells, and individuals that prompted some of them to leave the country after leaks about the arrest of a number of agents.

In the information, the resistance excelled in its security war despite the Israeli superiority in capabilities, technology, voice and eye fingerprints, the Internet, international intelligence, etc., and despite all these efforts, it did not prevent the resistance’s missiles from bombing all Israeli sites, and it still has the initiative, surprise, control of the field and communication, and it was not used. So far, its capabilities are limited, and this is what prevents Israel from thinking about any military adventure or expansion of the war.

Mikati will attend the Bahrain summit

President Najib Mikati informed his aides and the envoy of the Emir of Bahrain that he will attend the Arab Summit in Bahrain on May 16, after receiving an invitation from the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to participate in the meeting of the 33rd regular session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the summit level on Thursday, May 16.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with the envoy of the King of Bahrain, the Bahraini ambassador to Syria, Waheed Mubarak Sayar, and handed him the invitation of the King of Bahrain to attend the Arab summit.

Rmeish incident

Hezbollah’s media relations categorically denied the false and tendentious news that was circulated in the media about the resistance’s attempt to fire missiles at the Zionist enemy from within the town of Rmeish, from the vicinity of its school, or from the vicinity of the town in general, and “it is false and fabricated news with no basis in truth.” Absolutely, and the media relations stressed that the parties that insisted and insist on spreading such false rumors and taking positions on their basis are tendentious parties that incite strife among the Lebanese and work in the service of the enemy and its goals, whether they know it or not, warning the Lebanese about them and their malicious endeavors for their hateful goals. ».

According to the information, the resistance group fired rockets from outside the outskirts of the town of Rmeish towards the Israeli positions. It is known that the outskirts of the town, like all other Lebanese towns, are intertwined with other towns. During the movement of the resistance group, they encountered one of the youth of Rmeish, and a dispute occurred and the disputes ended.

Hours after the incident, partisan youth incited the people, rang the bells, and contacted their leaders in Beirut, who launched an organized and well-known incitement campaign to which only a few of the townspeople responded. In return, a meeting was held between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement in Rmeish, and the movement’s official indicated that it had been resolved. The issue is straightforward, there are no repercussions, and what was reported by some social media sites is greatly exaggerated, while the priest Naguib Al-Amil denied the existence of violations at all.

The question is: Is it reasonable for the resistance group to arrive in the town in military vehicles, exposed to the Israeli marches deployed overhead, as was circulated on social media? Could the resistance bomb from among the houses? What is the interest in creating strife between the people of Rmeish and neighboring villages and who benefits from that? Everyone knows how much the resistance leadership takes into account the safety of the people during bombing operations, specifically in the Christian and Druze villages in the Hasbaya district, to avoid such incidents.


The country has entered the holiday holiday until after April 10, and the holiday will include a speech by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, tomorrow and on International Jerusalem Day on April 5, while a mountain representative affiliated with the forces of change confirmed during a popular meeting that presidential elections will not take place during the era of the current parliament as a result of the balances. Within the Council, which prevents a decision by any party, while reaching an internal consensus on a specific name is the fourth impossibility, and therefore we must wait for the next parliamentary elections. He also mourned the municipal elections, stressing the seriousness of the stage and the possibility of Israel expanding its war on Lebanon.

According to the information, the Lebanese political forces have become convinced and unanimous in the absence of any serious discussion in the presidential elections, and the five-party will become a quartet for Hezbollah with the absence of the American ambassador, but the question is, will the Saudi ambassador participate with the delegation in visiting Haret Hreik? Things are not clear yet, and the only refusal came from the American ambassador, just waiting for Al-Bukhari to return from Eid vacation in Riyadh, and it may become a three-way or two-way deal at some points. It was learned that Hezbollah will respond to the proposals of the Moderation Bloc after its meeting with the five-party group after April 10, and communication is ongoing between the party’s representatives and the Moderation Bloc, and the political movement between April 10 and early May is witnessing important developments and milestones, with a number of parliamentary blocs confirming the return of French envoy Le Drian to Beirut. Between April 10 and 20, information circulated among representatives also revealed the existence of a Saudi-Qatari discrepancy regarding Lebanon and Gaza, and the American ambassador’s bias toward the Qataris appeared in the five-party meetings, emphasizing that the matter is in Washington’s presidential file.


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