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The theoretical study center group of Tong’an District Party Committee held a study meeting to study “Fujian Mountains, Fujianshui and Huaxin – Xi Jinping’s Footprints in Fujian” and “Centennial Party Face-to-face”

Tong’an District Party Committee held a study meeting of the theoretical study center group to study “Fujian Mountains, Fujianshui and Huaxin – Xi Jinping’s Footprints in Fujian” and “Centennial Party Face-to-face”. (Photo by Xia Haibin)

Xiamen Net News (Xiamen Daily reporter Zhang Jun correspondent Zheng Xianxuan Wang Rongbin) studied the original book and implemented it solidly.

On July 1, Tong’an District Committee held a study meeting of the theoretical study center group to study “Fujian Mountains, Fujianshui and Huaxin – Xi Jinping’s Footprints in Fujian” and “Century Party Face-to-face”, and guided the majority of party members and cadres in the region to continue to learn. Deepen the understanding and understanding of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, faithfully implement the “Two Establishments”, resolutely implement the “Two Maintenances”, and strive to write a new chapter in the construction of Fumei, Xintong, and An’an.

  In-depth study and understanding Propaganda and implementation go deep and practical

“We must give full play to the ‘head goose effect’, take the lead in learning, tutoring, research, and practice, and put ourselves in, responsibilities, and work.”

“It is necessary to strengthen ideals and beliefs in the study of the century-old party history, and constantly enhance political judgment, political understanding, and political execution.”

“In order to learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s love for the people, we must adhere to the principle of ‘people are taller than mountains and feet are longer than roads’, practice the system of ‘going to the grassroots’, and put the work on the spot with a more earthy atmosphere.”

A few days ago, at the site of the study meeting in Tong’an Hall, the members of the Tong’an District Party Committee’s Theoretical Study Center group shared their learning experience in light of their own actual conditions. Looking at the table, looking for the gap in depth, expounding how to further scientifically plan, make solid progress, and constantly create a new situation in the work; some cadres contacted the party’s century-old struggle and talked about why we were successful in the past, how we can continue to succeed in the future, and how to do more. We will strengthen our ideals and beliefs and practice the mission of the times; there are also specific measures to carry out the establishment of a normalized civilization, continue to promote the rescue of enterprises, pay close attention to attracting investment, and make up for the shortcomings of people’s livelihood in combination with the actual work. A spiritual wave of learning in depth, seeking in new places, and doing practical work is surging in the whole district.

In fact, not only at the level of leading cadres, but also in the security zone is setting off a wave of in-depth study of “Fujian, Fujian, Water and Huaxin – Xi Jinping’s Footprints in Fujian” and “Centennial Party Face to Face”. Perceptions, speeches, discussions, learning and understanding, and effectively promote learning, publicity, implementation, and practicality, and strive to achieve the integration of learning, thinking, and application, and the integration of knowledge, belief, and action.

  close to reality Fully promote high-quality development

The results of learning ultimately come into action. “We must strive to transform the learning results into a majestic force for forging ahead in a new journey and making contributions to a new era, fully promoting the high-quality development of Tong’an, and welcoming the victory of the Party’s 20th National Congress with excellent results.” express.

It is necessary to plan for the long-term, but also to do well in the present. At present, Tong’an District insists on focusing its development on the real economy, and pays close attention to helping enterprises to bail out—Tong’an District actively improves the mechanism for linking district and town (street) leaders to link up with the “three high” enterprises, large output value households, and large taxpayers in the area. Do a good job in policy interpretation, accurate push, and efficient consultation for enterprises; pay close attention to project construction – Tongan, in accordance with the idea of ​​”expanding space, installing projects, and increasing stamina”, focuses on promoting the expropriation and demolition of project C, and fully promotes the increase of capital and production of existing industrial land. Increase capacity and efficiency, increase efforts to revitalize low-efficiency industrial land, idle land and other stock land; pay close attention to attracting investment – Tongan strengthens all-staff investment and precise investment, focusing on new materials and new energy and other key industrial chain clusters and major industrial projects. Upstream and downstream industry chain investment.

“Combined with learning, we must always take the safety and security of the people in mind, continue to promote high-quality development and high-quality life, and persevere in doing practical things for people’s livelihood.” The main leaders of Tong’an District introduced that in the second half of the year, the whole district will vigorously promote “Famous schools across the island” and “opening up and improving quality”, vigorously promote the implementation of a number of education projects, and expand the supply of high-quality degrees; vigorously introduce high-level medical and health talents, accelerate the construction and operation of projects such as the East Huanhai Hospital, and achieve high-level grafting of medical resources, Expansion sinks.

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