Israel’s Bombing of Jabaliya Refugee Camp Raises Concerns of War Crimes: Exploring the International Reactions

2023-11-02 12:14:58

Israel claimed responsibility for the bombing on Tuesday and Wednesday of the Jabaliya refugee camp, in northern Gaza, to target Hamas executives. While it is difficult to obtain a precise toll, Hamas denounces the death of 195 people in these strikes. These bombings led to multiple reactions from the international community, with the UN High Commission for Human Rights considering that these actions could constitute “war crimes”.

His last two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, Jabaliya refugee camplocated in the north of the Gaza Strip, was heavily bombed by the Israeli army, which claimed to want to target Hamas executives. 20 Minutes takes stock after these new bombings.

What happened ?

Jabaliya, the largest center of refugees from the Gaza Strip, where 116,000 people usually live, was targeted by Israeli fire on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday evening, the Israeli army confirmed this bombing in the camp which aimed and made it possible to “eliminate” Ibrahim Biaria Hamas commander presented as one of those responsible for the October 7 attacks.

Since the bloody attacks by Hamas, the Israeli army has led a response in Gaza and claimed to have “eliminated” Muhammad Atzar, head of the anti-tank unit, in a strike, without specifying where the latter was killed.

What results after the bombing of the camp?

Present on site, journalists from the agency observed massive destruction, while survivors cleared the rubble in search of survivors. Rescuers also claimed that “entire families” had been decimated. The first bombing of the camp on Tuesday killed seven hostages, “including three holders of foreign passports,” Hamas assured. According to Israeli authorities, 240 hostages are being held by the Islamist movement.

What reactions after the bombing?

On Wednesday evening, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights considered that these bombings could constitute “war crimes”, due to “the high number of civilian victims and the scale of the destruction”. The head of UN humanitarian operations Martin Griffiths denounced an “atrocity”. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, said he was “appalled” by the strikes on the refugee camp.

Wednesday evening, France had shown itself to be “deeply concerned of the very heavy toll for the Palestinian civilian populations.” While reiterating his “unwavering solidarity” with Israel, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed “the importance of the protection of civilians and humanitarian aid for the population of the Gaza Strip” during a telephone interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Qatar deplored a “new massacre”, while Saudi Arabia and Argentina condemned these Israeli strikes.

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