Issei Ishida, like Beckham? Self-praise to Imechen “Thank you for the charismatic hairdresser”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Actor Issei Ishida updated his Instagram on June 12, 2022 and reported that he went to a beauty salon. He revealed that he changed his hairstyle to a “soft mohican” style.

Mr. Ishida revealed that he had a hair transplant operation in Turkey in March.

  • From Issei Ishida’s Instagram

  • From Issei Ishida's Instagram

“Lovely Arafif, spend time”

Mr. Ishida published a photo of himself taken after the treatment at the beauty salon on Instagram. The top has a raised hairstyle, and Mr. Ishida introduced it as “soft mohican style” and spelled “Nicely Arafif, spending time” with satisfaction.

In addition, Mr. Ishida wrote “#davidbeckham” and “#davidbeckham” with a hash tag to thank the hairdresser, “Charismatic hairdresser” and “Thank you”, and David Beckham, a former soccer player who prevailed in Japan with a soft mohican hairstyle. The name was also spelled out.

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