“It allows the Armed Forces to collaborate to control illegal immigration”

Piñera by State of Exception in the northern macrozone:

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Piñera by State of Exception in the northern macro zone: “It allows the Armed Forces to collaborate to control illegal immigration”

President Sebastián Piñera referred to the entry into force of the Exception status which will rule in four provinces of the northern macro zone of the country: Arica, Parinacota, Tamarugal and El Loa.

Remember that the Comptroller took note of the decree sent by the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, during this Tuesday, February 15, and The military deployment will be extended for 15 days to try to contain the migration crisis.

In accordance with this, the President indicated that the State of Emergency Constitutional Exception “in the first place, allows our Armed Forces to collaborate with our police to control illegal immigration, that in addition to generating humanitarian problems generates problems of security, crime and public order”.

“It was established for 15 days and may be renewed by our government for an additional 15 days. This State puts the affected areas under the control of the heads of National Defense, who are four high-ranking officers of the Chilean Army,” Piñera added.

In addition to this, indicated the head of state, “We have significantly strengthened the presence, equipment and technology of those who must protect our borders. In the case of Carabineros, we have increased the number of uniformed personnel who are protecting the border to 100, and in the case of the Armed Forces, 672 troops will be deployed in this work (…) They will be able to carry out patrols and controls sets, establish new observation posts 24/7, deploy drones, have helicopters for surveillance and transfer; and have night vision cameras.

“Yes to legal migration, yes to those who come telling the truth to our borders. No to illegal immigration, not to those who enter by cheating or not telling the truth, not to those who have a criminal record or commit crimes in our country,” added the President.

It should be noted that this decision was adopted after the agreement with the truckers’ union in the north of the country, after an extensive stoppage on the country’s routes due to the murder of Bayron Castillo, for which the participation of three Venezuelans who They are now in pretrial detention.

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